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There was a kitten where Jowie and I found at the street side nearby my house. Back then, he was an adorable, cute and innocent kitten. When we found him, he looks like he was lost because his mother is no where to be found. We held him and he was crying out loud. The tiny little creature seems helpless and restless. We decided to leave him at the ledge nearby. The kitten was quivering almost fall, yet still crying so loudly at us. Luckily, Jowie caught him in time before he falls to the ground.

We decided to give it a try to take him back to my house since I have experience of taking care of cats. However, this is not my point. I already have a cat, Coffee at home. That moment I wasn’t sure if Coffee would want to accept him since she has been the only cat in the house. Okay, taking the helpless little creature back to my home was not a good idea at all. Coffee rejected the kitten so much with her glaring eyes, hissing and alarming movements. I forced Coffee to accept him but it was ugly. I’ve got myself a very long bloody scratch on my thigh! Ouch! At that time, we only had two choices.

  1. Kick the helpless kitten out and never bother about him again


  1. Jowie has to take the kitten back home, where I’m pretty sure his mum will scream at him.

Well, guess which did we picked? Of course, Choice No. 2! The kitten deserves our sympathy and we are humans with feelings too. We can’t just dump the kitten by the street side when we have already picked him. It’s our responsibility since we have taken the kitten far away from where we picked him. At the end, Jowie brought the kitten back. He told me his mum did scream at him but it was just for a short period. The kitty was then named Tiger by him. Tiger was a sickly kitten, but Jowie has taken care of him very well. He has feed him healthily although Tiger doesn’t want to eat. He cracked the cat’s biscuits into small pieces, mixed it with water and fed Tiger using a syringe. I could see he is taking care of Tiger seriously, he even snapped some cute pictures of Tiger. I loved Tiger very much too. Last time, Jowie brought him out to college and I always keep him with me. Tiger loves to snuggle into my jacket where I find it was a bit ticklish yet very cute of him. There was once, he was very naughty and almost bit my nose off when I was playing with his nose. Do you really think I love him although it’s not my kitty? Of course I do. I even cried when I saw him sick for the first time. Tiger was having flu and bleeding out from his nose with bloodshot eyes. I couldn’t help it and there came my water works. I was worried that I have held Tiger all the time till we reached the vet’s clinic.

mew mew3

There were times where Jowie will tell me about Tiger. How Tiger scratched him, peed in his dad’s bag, bit his toes in the morning, pleading for food, return home with some wounds and the most shocking thing was Tiger killed a snake and place it in front of his house. It seems like Tiger grew up to be a fierce and strong cat after all. Tiger was a very lucky cat. Jowie’s dad sometimes brings back salmon fish for him to eat. Even Coffee didn’t have that opportunity but she loves sitting next to you, stare and make a very cute and adorable face whenever she wants something from you. There was once I have to share my fried drumstick with her. Smart isn’t she?

DSC01044 DSC01040

Alright, back to Tiger’s story. Although Tiger was a tough, fierce and strong cat, he was pretty sick. On 5th September 2007, Tiger has passed away. I wasn’t very clear with the details neither do Jowie since we are in Melbourne. I almost couldn’t believe what Jowie said to me about Tiger. It was unbelievable. I missed Tiger very much. I didn’t hold him after my last visit at Jowie’s house. Even it’s just two days after Tiger died, I could still cry for him. Although I’m not close with Tiger as much as Jowie does, he was part of my memory, a cat I loved and he will always be. I felt hopeless and sorry for Jowie. I could feel how hurtful because I have been through this stage before. It was my previous cat named Happy. After her death, I could felt how deep I was hurt, how empty it felt without her, how I have grieved for her and was totally depressed. I missed her dearly that I even dreamt her asking for food. Tiger, I will miss you like how I missed Happy. I’m tearing at this moment, I just couldn’t hold it anymore. May you rest it peace, Tiger. I love you.

♥ Traclyn Yeoh

Traclyn Yeoh

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