Get L’occitane 2011 Diary for Fund Raising Charity Campaign

L’occitane is running a fund raising charity campaign by selling their very own limited edition L’occitane¬†2011 Diary for only RM15.00. The total funds raised from the sales of the diary will be used to upgrade and equip the computers and screen reader software facilities in the Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) library.

Do you know that L’occitane is the first and only brand in the world to have incorporated Braille on most of it’s packaging? This diary will be available now until 31st December 2010 and whilst stocks last. You may look out for them in L’occitane stores.

I have purchased this and it comes in the size of approximately 21.5cm x 16.5cm x 1.9cm. It’s very handy and with wire-binding.

It comes with twelve monthly tabs, each tab comes with monthly planners.

At the back of each tab includes what L’occitane Foundation has been supporting and how they do it as well as in supporting of MAB. Along with it they have also incorporate some information what we can do on our part in supporting MAB. I love that this diary is in great quality with vibrant colorful pictures. It’s worth every penny and you know this is for a good cause.

With RM15.00, you’ll be able to contribute in this fund raising campaign and to keep this diary. What you’re waiting for? Walk in to any L’occitane stores to start contributing. There’s no limitation in how many you could purchase but hey, this could be a great gift for your friends and/or family for Christmas!


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