Get Your Pink On With Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink (Limited Edition)

Imagine the life without pink, the world could be missing out the warm color of femininity. Pink has always been portrayed as color for females, sweetness and softness. In beauty, many skincare and makeup are associated with pink. We could hardly run out of that color.

Get Your Pink On with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink 2

Personally, I never really like pink until I tell myself why not give some love for this color. As I go on exploring life, I begin to find the beauty of pink. They are so much involved in our surrounding. They portray the fun, sweet, delicate and glamour just like the image above where I have gathered.

Get Your Pink On with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink - Traclyn Yeoh

How much I love of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, they are now available in pink. The pink in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reminds me of cotton candy and macaroons. It adds so much more love and the pink of this gadget could make one to dream in the realm of fantasy. Many said that this could be too big but I think its lovely. As a beauty blogger, I tend to snap tons of photo when discovering new products and trends, this pink gadget helps to capture HDR photos that comes in handy!

Get Your Pink On with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink 3

With this pink gadget, it makes life easier to schedule blogs, real-time updates and unleash our creativity with it. S Note comes in handy to take notes while attending events, product names and many more. I can even draft ideas of future blog postings or filming videos, anything creative! Because the pink is so sweet, it reminds me that I must keep my blush and lip color on too! Unleash the pink in you, have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink is available in Samsung Mobile stores as a limited edition. Please support Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook by liking them below or join Samsung Malaysia Twitter!

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