Ginvera Green Tea Hydrating White Mask Review

Upon facing skin crisis, now I have to be careful with any products I use and I’m applying mask almost every day to clear my skin. I’m trying so hard to keep the breakouts off from my face but they never stop coming back! Anyways, back to the review of Ginvera Green Tea Hydrating White Mask.

I had this for only RM1 when I made some purchase in Guardian and I kept this for few months not using it. I’m not too sure on theĀ  original price of it. I didn’t have much sheet mask, I was saving it up but now I finally found that they are way too convenient. silly Plus, it’s has extra value 2 in 1 of face and eye mask.

From the name of the mask, you’ll definitely get the idea that it’s going to whiten and hydrate skin. It’s alcohol and fragrance free, which I think it’s suitable for those who has sensitive skin. I have no problem with fragrance, sometimes the smell of the mask just make everything much more relaxing. I always love green tea and I could say I drink it 5 days a week, religiously!

It’s a sheet mask that fits nicely onto my face except that the nose area should be a little longer, at least enough to cover my entire nose. The chin area was a little too wide for me, maybe I have sharp chin. The thickness of the sheet is alright that it doesn’t tear when I open the folded mask. What I like about the mask is it comes along with eye mask.

Aaaaa~ comfortable as it felt. The mask definitely feel comfortable to apply on and I think I almost felt asleep with it. It’s because you can’t open your eyes when you flip up the eye mask. There’s nothing you can do, so what you can do is just rest on the bed and set a timer beside you. They could have make the eye hole of the mask smaller to as an eye mask but people probably couldn’t notice it that way. It doesn’t sting or have any kind of smell. The essence from the mask did not drip though you can see the mask did not cover my chin nicely.


I only have one sheet of the mask, therefore this is not a long term review result. I could definitely tell that my skin is much more hydrated and supple. Not much of whitening effect, I can’t tell because I’m only using this once. I would also say that this would be suitable for traveling because you can just carry along with you and dispose it after using it. No need to worry about luggage or hand-carry baggage weight. Most importantly since I’m having skin crisis is this mask doesn’t cause me to have any breakouts.


  • Sheet thickness is appropriate that doesn’t cause any tearing
  • No alcohol and fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Leave skin hydrating & supple
  • Sufficient essence
  • Convenient
  • Travel friendly
  • No breakouts after using


  • No whitening effect on first use

My rating: 4/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Is this mask sold online? I like sheet masks for convenience but they usually tear. This one sounds good. I love green tea as well! Arizona makes some good ones. Do they sell that over there? It’s a beverage company.

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