Girls’ Generation – TTS – Twinkle Tiffany Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Seriously, I was never a fan of Girls Generation until I came across Twinkle teaser from Youtube. I thought would be interesting kept myself updated for all the teasers until the full length video was published. One of the reason, I kept holding on because I wanted to get inspiration and here I am! I love the song because its meaningful and catchy.

I’m not only in love with Tiffany’s makeup but her outfit as well. I actually wore an outfit inspired by hers to the Lancôme Rouge In Love Bloggers Party and that has made me won the ‘best dressed’. The only thing missing was the white with black lace collar which I couldn’t find. This is also a requested look and I was so excited to create this tutorial, please enjoy!


The look is very simple and the toughest part was to get those little sequins to stick around the eyes. I ended being bling-ed after the filming because I spilled it on myself and all over the floor.

It’s quite glamorous especially when the light hits the sequins. You can see how it shines from different angles.

It’s not a 100% of her look but similar enough, I guess? I really wish that I can have her flawless smooth skin!

Check out the hot pink sequined top! Its actually a magenta sequined dress from Forever 21. I wished that I could get more sequined outfit, Forever 21 has tons of it which is on sale!

I noticed this look can be easily transformed to the Tiffany’s first look at the intro of their music video. I loosen up the pigtail, flipped up the bangs, wear a hot pink lip color and I’m done. I was just missing the pink flower but I clipped with my tiny red roses on. Pretty cool huh? The hot pink lip color that I was using is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa.  Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe!



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