Glossy Yellow With Black Tip Nails

This nail design is pretty basic and easy. From its simplicity, it still look elegant because of the color combination. Initially I wanted to use gold but I ran out of it and I have used yellow as the base color. The light yellow color doesn’t look too bad, almost looking like gold too. Here’s how to create Glossy Yellow With Black Tip Nails.

Glossy Yellow With Black Tip Nails 2

I didn’t use any tape, just paint the tip with black nail polish on free hand which you can see why the lines isn’t that perfect. Lately, I have been getting bubbles trapped on the nail polish. I have been reading how my nail polish gets bubbled and there are so many reasons for it. Most probably, I shook it before using and from the humid weather.

The Face Shop in YL701 & Elianto in Twilight Zone

The nail polish that I have used is The Face Shop Nail Color in YL701 and Elianto Twilight Zone.


Traclyn Yeoh
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