Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails Tutorial

Commonly known in the recent years as ‘caviars’, those tiny beads for nail decoration was made popular by Ciate. In actual fact, they have been around long time ago. For this nail design, I’m not going for those typical ‘caviar’ nail design but to go for edgy stud-like nails.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - What You'll Need

What you’ll need is

  1. Base coat
  2. Black nail polish
  3. Top coat
  4. Gold Tiny Beads
  5. Tweezer

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Apply Base Coat

First and for all, apply base coat to protect your nails from discoloration  and smoother application.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Step Two Polish It Black

Apply black nail polish and to continue the next step quickly before the black nail polish dries.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Step Three Stud Some Caviar

Pick the ‘caviar’ with the tweezer and align them accordingly like so. This part can be tricky that you might worry that you position it wrongly. My advice is don’t put too much pressure or strength because when you do, your hand will be shaky. These ‘caviars’ are very light, just pick and place it fast. It also better to select the ‘caviar’ that is tinier or with flat back, just so they last longer on your nails.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Step Four Nail It

Use the back of the tweezer and hit those ‘caviars’ lightly onto your nail bed. This is to allow the ‘caviar’ to bind better with the nail polish. Do allow it to dry completely before the next step, otherwise the ‘caviar’ will have high chance of moving around.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Step Five Seal It

The final step is to seal it with the top coat. Apply it in between the ‘caviars’, it seals the black nail polish and gives another coat to adhere the ‘caviar’. I double coat it because I know these type of full rounded ‘caviars’ would fall off easily. Allow it to dry completely and done!

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails 2

Its a very simple, edgy, stylish, masculine and punk design.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails 3

Since my ‘caviars’ is slightly bigger and rounded, they are like 3D nail designs.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails 4

I know this wouldn’t last long because those ‘caviars’ could pop out of easily off my nails but I love this design so much! I couldn’t get my eyes off this design right after I got it done. Hope you have fun with this tutorial and good luck!


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