Gold Glitter & Studs Nails

Alright, it’s not exactly real studs but the color is really similar. Glitters are coming back into trend, same goes to gold. Even if you combine with the simplest shade, the design will stand out. Its explains the design that I’m playing with my nails this week.

Gold Glitter & Studs Nails 2

Combining almost white shade with diagonal glitter tips and metallic gold dotting which gives luxury, decent and edgy accent.

Gold Glitter & Studs Nails - L'oreal Nail Polish I Pink I'm In Love

The base color that I applied is L’oreal Nail Polish in I Pink I’m in Love which I hauled it from Australia a while back (haul it, here). It’s a pearlescent shade, a little on the sheer side.

Gold Glitter & Studs Nails - Elianto Nail Polish Shining Gold

I have used the tape to stick on my nails diagonally before painting my nail tips with Elianto Nail Polish in Shining Gold. Depending how much you want the glitter, I would prefer to have full on glitters because it shows the diagonal tip better.

Gold Glitter & Studs Nails - Artline Marker Gold

I have used a metallic gold marker to do the dotting underneath the gold glitter tip. The tip of the marker is 0.8mm which goes perfect for nail art. Because the dotting looks similarly like stud from far, that’s why I have named it so. Hope you enjoyed this nail design!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Hi, i saw one nail stamping kit in one of your nail tutorial.
    May i know where to get it? and how is that? =)

    • The kit was given by my friend. You can look it out from ebay or

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