Guerlain Bloggers Get Together with Maxime Poulin

The story of Maxime Poulin with Guerlain is very interesting which made me so eager to meet him. He’s Guerlain’s International Makeup Artist, an inspiration for me to go further to enhance more of my makeup skills and I wish one day I could be like him, a true makeup artist. Want to know more about him? Check out Corinne of Junipers Journal’s interview with him, here. Along with this cozy session in Alexis Bar at The Gardens, we are not only be able to meet Maxime but to know more of the Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci Collection.

The session begin with Karen Tan, the Product Manager telling us the story of Guerlain. It is pronounced as ‘Gey-lan’, they have been around for almost 200 years now and Guerlain started as perfume business founded by the creator, Pierre François Pascal Guerlain in 1828. There was a video preview for us, I tried recording it but it turned out blur. Sorry!

Guerlain and Emilio Pucci collaborates in creating Terra Azzurra Collection inspired by Italy’s summertime.  This collection has been exclusively recolored with its signature print of a blue flower interlaced with swirls and flames adding joyful and elegant Pucci touch. When beauty and fashion comes together, here combines Guerlain’s legendary Terrocota powder and Emilio Pucci’s iconic prints for this collection.

Maxime shared with us the importance of taking care of skin, makeup application techniques  and his experience as a makeup artist. For each product that he used on this demonstration, he explained the key ingredients that helps to nourish and benefit the skin as well as to the details of the tools that comes along with product if there’s any. He also stressed that Guerlain’s products are paraban-free which is safe for every skin to use.  He is very friendly with great sense of humor which made this session so informational yet hilarious.

After the demonstration, there was a Q&A session with Maxime. One of the bloggers pop the question of the life span of Guerlain’s products since it is paraben-free. Maxime explains depending on which product because each product has different length of lifespan. It is advisable to check on the product where its printed on.

Image Courtesy of Fatin of Chocolate Cats

It was a great opportunity to have a short chat with Maxime and here were some of my questions,

What are the latest trends for summer makeup?

Summer is all about the bright colors, just like what you’re wearing now (I have bright mint eyeliner with chiffon mint top). Your eyeliner is very trendy this season. The bright colors are refreshing and we want to play with colors yet giving that sun kissed glow with coral shades.

Noticed that this collection has some glitters, its not favorouble for combination to oily skin. How do we go around with this?

When you apply it to test it on your hand, the glitter may seem too much for you but these glitters are less visible when you apply it on your face. It helps to give you the radiance that every skin should have. I understand that with this skin type, you want to keep the skin matte at all times but to a certain extend you need that glow in you and this makeup will help you to achieve it. Most importantly is to always apply primer to prep your skin first.

In this collection there is khol kajal, just out of curiosity why kajal are mostly cone-shaped?

The origins of Kajal are from the Egypt, have you notice that Egyptians have strong bold eyeliners around their eyes?  They have been shaped like so for thousands years ago and up until today we keep its shape that way. They are so pigmented and easy to use.

Could you share with us what is the upcoming trend? 

Next will be the Fall season, there will be corals and neutral colors such as browns. That’s with the colors but we will concentrate more of the face complexion where radiance and luminosity plays an important role.  We want to flatter the skin more and of course it has to begin with great skin too. Wait a minute.. this is suppose to be a secret!


Did we learn something new? I sure did! Stay tuned for the next post as I will be updating more of the Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci Collection with swatches.


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