Halloween 2011 Compilation

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Halloween is just next week. I thought of compiling and sharing some of these amazing makeup tutorials I’ve came across for Halloween 2011. Some can be really simple with light props and some with simple makeup but amazing effect.

    Jessie J – Price Tag (Puppet)

I’m not saying that mine is amazing but I actually planned this a few months for the props before I uploaded this. Especially the wig, it isn’t easy to find affordable ones. To match it with the ghostly contacts is just satisfaction. I know its simple but it does the job. If you don’t have any red wig, you can just add more fake lashes on your upper lash line to become any Gothic or ghostly puppet. I will go for greater effect in future, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to show you creative makeup yea?

    Sugary Sylvia by Petrilude

I like how Josh did the makeup in such a simple way but gives amazing effect and he does it pretty neat too.

    Zombie Makeup by Xteener

The short stories work so well here, it’s so thrilling! It complements how things worked in the tutorial. This is going to motivate me for more videos. Christine definitely going to be one of the great makeup artist too.

    Ryuk Makeup and Costume by QueenBeeuty

Death Note was one of the famous anime around, I watch it too. Kalel did amazing job and superbly creative! She also show us how to DIY the costumes!

    Bride of Chucky by Jessica Harlow

This is a scary bride! This is one of the puppet-like look I love and it has with that drag brows.

    Wicked Red Riding Hood by Michelle Phan

Grab a red drape as a cloak and put some makeup to look daunted. Nothing too difficult but with the makeup that makes everything come together.

It’s funny how I usually end up with other characters during Halloween. Last year was some rock and roll chic, this year…it’s a Playboy Bunny! Just for a friend who is having a Bachelor party before his wedding. Hopefully I could get a photo for a post-Halloween entry.

Are you celebrating Halloween? Who are you going to be? What’s your props combination?

Share with me on the comment section below.


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