Halloween Series: Bleach Ichigo Hollow

This look was totally not in my plan for Halloween but I gave a thought that it could be interesting since I have well pigmented white face paint. There’s a lot of detailing but simple ones, nothing too difficult to achieve. Hollow is a dark character of Ichigo in the anime, Bleach. Its perfect for Halloween and you don’t have to conceal your entire face with face paint. If you notice, I only use a few products and the main colors for this look is white, red and black. Please enjoy the tutorial!


The contact lens does the job so well. Although originally, it should be sclera lens of black and yellow but I don’t have any of it. This white contact lens fit nicely to the look too.

This look can be fierce, creepy and haunting. If you watch Bleach, you’ll get what I mean.

Notice how it looks like I’m wearing a mask? It’s all about shading and blending it, I promise that I did not touch up on the look at all but only adding vignetting effect. I believe some of you attended Halloween party last week but I think there will be some this week too. Great excuse to give this a try!


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