Halloween Series: Corpse Bride with DIY Hairband & Veil

Emily from Corpse Bride is one of the most popular looks for Halloween. I have this on my list once it was requested and gathered the props to complete the look but everything was delayed because of the face paint. I was struggling to look for the right face paint and I did rant about Which Is A Better Face Paint. The last face paint that I purchased is not the best but still does the job, well at least it’s pigmented. This look is not the best look since it does appear blotchy on some areas and I tried the best that I could. Please enjoy the tutorial!


This is her signature pose. I know I couldn’t replicate her eyes entirely because my veins are showing! It shows that I’m alive not dead 😛 For the hair, it appears so shiny because its synthetic wig and it doesn’t appear as natural.

I like the exposed teeth part. Its so easy that I didn’t expect that using lash glue would work.

Hope you enjoy this Halloween look. I know it’s past Halloween but  this can still be a future reference. Maybe next time I should try getting props from 2 to 3 months earlier just to get everything right in time!


Happy Halloween!


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Traclyn Yeoh
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