Halloween Series: Scaly Mermaid

Mermaid is a beautiful legendary creature that most of us would like to believe that it exist. It has also become one of the favourite looks for Halloween and there are so many different versions of how to portray the mermaid look. To me at least, the scales are one of the crucial elements.

Unless you have a full costume, there’s no need to use to create as much scales as this. Its really difficult to find a proper costume for mermaid because I’m sure that you’ll be walking around a lot during the Halloween. Maybe a sequin maxi skirt would do. Creating the scales aren’t too difficult, so please enjoy the tutorial!


Close up for the eye makeup, there’s a lot of glitter and shine going on. The fancy lashes just give a beautiful boost for it. I wanted to keep the eye makeup simple yet glam because the scales are getting so much attention.

It goes really well on photos with flash and the scales looks almost real. The bits of scale on the neck and décolletage shows like an exposed scales.

Without flash, it looks refreshing. I know, its quite a cheeky smile that I have pulled off.

Trying another angle by back lighting half way and the mermaid makeup does look sophiscated.


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Traclyn Yeoh
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