Happy Dragon Boat Festival

It’s the Dragon Boat Festival! It’s also known as Duanwu Festival. Some may make rice dumpling that looks like the image above, prayers or have dragon boat racing. I helped my mum wrapped some of the rice dumpling on Saturday morning, almost forgotten how to wrap them at first. I got to admit that not all of them are nicely shaped but we wrapped about 80 of it!

In the rice dumpling, we use glutenous rice, oysters, pork, dried chestnuts, dried shrimps and Chinese mushrooms. All of the ingredients were cooked before wrapping them. Not many know how to wrap them now, many buy them.

I had a busy weekend and one question popped in my mind. Why does our weekend have only 2 days when our weekdays have 5 days? I’m restless today, hence this late post of wishing everyone.

How was your weekend?

Traclyn Yeoh
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