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I remember that I promised to let you know about dining at Hard Rock Cafe after my birthday. My bad, I have been lazy at that time but it’s late better than never right? Therefore this is the combination photos from my birthday and Uncle Jeremy’s (BF’s father) birthday celebration not too long ago. So here is it.

Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) Kuala Lumpur is located at Ground Floor, Concorde Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur. It’s really noticeable from the outside because of the Harley Davidson deco right outside of the cafe.

Love how the drumset is set in the middle of the cafe, there wasn’t any performance on the both days I went though. Let’s look at the menu instead!

Classic menu with leather covers on the outside with great American dishes!

Twisted Mac and Cheese

Description: Twisted Cavatappi pasta, tossed in a lightly spiced 3-cheese sauce with roasted peppers and topped with Romano parsley bread crumps.

Price: RM15.00

The cheese sauce is lovely! It’s warm, rich and tasty. The pasta is not too soft or hard, just right.

Fish and Chips

Description: Fillet of fish dipped in our special batter and deep fried to golden brown. Served with fries.

Price: RM25.00

Even the simplest fish and chips dish tasted really good. Do aware, best fish from this kind of dish are dory fish. That’s what I learned when I was in Australia. Anyhow, two pieces of the fish was given but size of the fish seems a little small. The sides are good especially the tartar sauce.

Grilled Norweign Salmon Fillet

Description: An 8 oz. fillet grilled and topped with a garlic butter and served with Garlic smashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Price: Don’t remember

I’m not a fan of salmon but I could taste that it’s pretty fresh. The size of the fillet was under my expectation because I saw the next table has bigger piece. Love the mash potato though!

Hickory Smoke Pulled-Lamb Sandwich

Description: Hickory-smoked lamb, hand pulled, so it’s tender and juicy. Served with your choice of our authentic vinegar-based or Hickory Bar-B-Que sauces and topped with marinated slaw. Served with seasoned fries, ranch beans and fresh coleslaw.

Price: RM25.00

This is amazing! You can actually taste the smoke from the lamb. Not as it the choking smoke but the fragrant of the meat that has been smoked and it’s not in a patty form but the meat that has been pulled into random pieces. Not to mention the ranch beans taste really good too! Obviously it’s a greater version of bake beans.

Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Beef Ribs

Description: A full rack of West Tennessee-style ribs rubbed then basted with our authentic Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce and cooked to perfection – so the meat falls right off the bone. Served with seasoned fries, ranch beans and fresh coleslaw.

Price: RM45.00 (if I have not mistaken)

It’s just like how the Hickory Smoked Pulled-Lamb Sandwich but this in beef ribs. Love the authentic barbecue sauce because of it’s not like those ordinary barbecue sauce that we could get from supermarkets. When I tasted this, it reminds me of how cowboys get their food done using wood fire! I like how they also topped off with some fried onions too.

HRC Cheese Burger

Description: Same great burger, even better with two slices of Swiss, Cheddar or Jack Cheese.

Price: Don’t remember

This is no ordinary burger from stalls. The thick beef patty is heaven~ the dish may seem simple and it’s a great experience to have one of the best burger in life.

Open Face Sirloin Sandwich

Description: Aged sirloin grilled to perfection, sliced and served over toasted garlic bread, smothered with mushrooms, and caramelized onions, topped with melted Swiss cheese and Hard Rock Brown Sauce. Served with seasoned fries.

Price: RM30.00

THUMBS UP! I love what I’ve chosen! Basically there’s two piece of toasted garlic bread at the bottom, sirloin steak and top it off with onions, oyster mushrooms and cheese. The combination is just beautiful~ the meat is moist and pink, not over cooked which I like the most. The melting cheese with brown is awesome. It’s quite a big dish and I manage to eat most of it. Can you believe that?

I highly recommend dining at HRC KL. Give it a try for occasions like birthday or anniversaries with your friends and family. They also have menu for kids too. You’ll never regret trying it. It’s definitely a great experience from the waiter/waitress serving you till you leave the cafe. I’m not too sure about the bar and it’s always full of people.


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