Haul from L’oreal Warehouse Sales and NEW Daiso Officially Opened!

First of all, I apologize with the lack of updates lately. I was a little busy with some job interviews and been struggling to find great storage ideas for my makeup, skincare and nails stuffs. I didn’t really have time to check emails everyday or surf much. Some of you wanted to see what I bought from the recent L’oreal Warehouse Sales but let me tell you that it’s not a big shopping trip either, trying to keep everything in moderation too.


  1. Garnier AgeLift Pro-X Anti-Aging Whitening Daily Serum for RM20
  2. Maybelline Intense XXL Microfiber Waterproof Mascara for RM15
  3. Maybelline Watershine Pure in 316 Peanut Butter for RM10
  4. Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream for RM8
  5. L’oreal Feria 3D Color in 65 Marron Glace for RM10

With this haul, I like to show to everyone about the packaging damage on the warehouse of my Maybelline lipstick.

See some sticker adhesive and a long scratch on the lipstick packaging? As well as the picture on the right, where it’s sort of out of shape already? This is the warning that I told you about but I love the color so much, it gives a sheer nudy color, very moisturizing and glides easily on my lips even without priming my lips. Although it may seem dark from the picture to be nude lipstick but I guess everyone’s nude lip color would be different depending on your skin color.


It opened on the 12 September 2009 in Sungei Wang and I’m overly excited because it’s just 10 minutes away from my house. For those who doesn’t know Daiso yet, they are Japan’s number one ranking livingware supplier and I think they are usually known as 100Yen shops in Japan? Not too sure about that. Everything in Daiso Malaysia cost RM5 only. They have amazing craft items, home improvement supplies, cosmetics, kitchen items, hardware tools, gardening tools, pet foods, basically is just everything that you can find in a house. Since they opened one in the city, I guess it would be an ease for many of us especially me, haha!

I can’t remember what floor exactly but if I’m in the shopping center, I know my way there . It’s just beside of Soda Exchange or other landmark near to it is Padini Authentics.

To my dear Muslim readers, I would like to wish you all:

Enjoy the celebration and have fun!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @Vonnie – Thanks dear, you’re coming here soon ya? I already marked the dates when you’re coming .

    @Lisa J. – My eye is getting better even without visiting the doctor. Thanks for your concern. Surprisingly I did not buy anything from Daiso this time. Will buy some for storage purposes.

  2. hahaha i wish a daiso open near my place too! 🙁
    anyway there is a 100 Yen shop in Taipan but its relatively small.
    like those small hinode.
    but the stuff are more quality than hinode,
    more to daiso. 😛

  3. @LyNn – There will be one day, you just don’t know when. There is also one 100 Yen shop in Cheras and I went there to check it out. Some stuff was like 10 -20 cents cheaper from Daiso and some are very expensive but the products are just as good as Daiso’s. You went to Taipan ya? Did you have fun?

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