Heal Pharm Nose Cleaning Sheet Review

All the while I have been using Biore Pore Strips for years but now I found a new love for nose strips (or at least to me)! It’s Heal Pharm Nose Cleaning Sheet and each box contains 10 sheets of pore strips for RM9.90, available at Watsons. I bought mine at a promotional price at RM8+, this result that it’s more affordable Biore’s. Biore’s would cost more than RM10 unless when it comes to promotion/offer. I could only see this product available at Watsons at the moment.

Looking at the back of the box, I believe this product comes from Japan, made in China and imported by Eternity (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. It claims to remove black/white headsĀ  and dead skin cells on nose. Let me list you down the ingredients, just in case it’s not too clear from the image above.

  • Polyquaternum-11, water, PVP, isopropyl, alcohol, silica, hammamelis virginiania extract, titanium dioxide, methylparaben menthol, fragrance.

*hammamelis virginiania = witch hazel (natural skin astringent), good for oily and acne-prone skin

This pore strip is thicker than Biore’s and it does comes with slits (Biore does too) which allow you to place the pore strips to fit nicely according to your nose shape.

The usage is just like how common pore strips can be used but I use it differently. I always prefer to use mild toner on the pore strips then apply on those. Then I will apply more toner from the outside to make sure it’s all soaked and adhere to my nose. Call me crazy but I usually apply pore strips before washing my face. The reason?

  1. Most adhesive from pore strips give me irritation on after use
  2. My cleanser will be able to deep cleanse on my nose area after the extraction. You’ll never know how much more left in your pores and I’m guessing it’s alright to practice this method. My pores are cleaner this way too.

I like that though I accidentally soaked it with too much toner the adherence is still here. However, with Biore is the total opposite of it. For this pore strip, I like how it adhere firmly and never slip off and since it’s thick, it takes more time to wait for it to completely dry. While I’m waiting for it to dry, I could smell light menthol flavor and it does feel a little cooling on my nose too winky. The feeling is good, it’s like chilled nose during winter.

The result? Take a look below.

This is the last pore strip from the the box hence you might think that it extracted out too little but I was totally amazed when I use it on the first time. I have never seen Biore’s extracted as much and I only use these strips once a week. The continuous use helps to decrease the amount of blackheads too and I notice that the blackheads doesn’t look as ‘black’ as before if there’s any.

However, I wouldn’t recommend to sensitive skin types because the adherence is stronger compared to Biore. If you have used Biore and you could not stand the pain then this is definitely not for you. I don’t have any problem with this yet I feel the satisfaction when I see the amount of blackheads on the pore strips and it’s worth it.


  • More affordable than Biore Pore Strips
  • Thick hence doesn’t tear easily
  • Extract blackheads very well
  • Helps to decrease the amount of blackhead for continuous use
  • Adhere firmly and never slip off


  • Takes time to dry
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin type (fragrance, adherence)

My rating: 4.8/5

Eternity (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd Facebook page, here.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I use mine before I wash my face for the same reason! Plus if you do it before, there’s still some of the skin’s natural oils on there so it wont get too stuck if that makes sense.

    Biore is expensive here too & you only get like 6 in the box, so it’s about $1.02 PER STRIP depending on where you shop. I may try a store brand one & review it too. I remember when these first came out, they were all the rage in the beauty world. LOL Just becareful not to fell asleep with them on. XD!

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