HELMER, I Want You!

I’ve been searching for affordable drawers after I have discovered that my drawers are wobbly and creaky. Fair enough because they are initially only four tiers and I bought two, modified it into become a tower of drawers. One side of the drawer is my desk and another is my bed which kept it stable enough. The amount of my makeup collection and skin care grew periodically, now I have limited space to keep them and began chucking into the drawers without proper organization. Its not a  good thing for me once I start to chuck things around, it’s cluttering and I would prefer them to get it organized from the beginning and keep that organization till the very end. Maybe to have a spring clean periodically too. Fiona of Street Love shared her organization with her Helmer drawer from Ikea that caught my attention to check out the price of it.

Ikea - HELMER Drawer 2

I checked into Ikea Malaysia’s web and looked for Helmer. They come in two colors and my color of choice is white. Clicked and there you go, I WAS SURPRISED! I wasn’t expecting that it’s that affordable. For such a sturdy metal drawers (confirmed by Fiona, I asked her tons of questions about it), the drawers for MYR 99.00 is a great deal. The red drawers is quoted on a different price which MYR 139.00, slightly more expensive than the white. I wonder why.

Ikea - HELMER Drawer 3

The entire body of Helmer drawer is made of metal and comes with castor which is an ease of moving it around for many reasons. The design is simple and clean, each drawer has a label insertion which I’m not sure if I will label it. As for me, this will be a great storage for my makeups and skincare. I’m grabbing this two of Helmer drawers tomorrow from Ikea, hopefully they still have it. Follow me in my Instagram if you want to know I ever made it to grab it.


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  1. It’s worth to grab. Most beauty blogger bought it too :). Go feel, touch, molest the item first before grabbing from the warehouse.

      • Cause your collection is huge so you’re expecting a huge drawer too hehe. Babe, you didn’t check the measurement on ikea website?

        • I did check on the measurements but I didn’t expect the drawer width to be much smaller. Hrmph…its alright. It was a great trip and I will update once I get a new dresser! 🙂 Thanks a lot for your help!

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