Hologram Moo Nails

Ever since I got my nails done at Kirei Style, I couldn’t help it to maintain and keep trying other styles and patterns. This first time for me to try nail patch/foil/sticker. There is a lot of names to call it, so pick your choice. I bought this in last year and it was in September Haul. Little did I know to have kept it quite a while and finally use it. It has patches like a cow hence where I got the name for these nails.

This is how the nail patch/foil/sticker looks like. It’s very similar with Minx and I think they are probably the first to introduce it? Tell me if I’m wrong. Basically it has a curve shape and you will only have to trim with filer or buffer on the other end according to the shape of your nails.

It also has hologram shine to it, makes it a little special than just silver background. Its pretty easy to use but you will have to measure and cut some  into the shape of your nails. I would recommend to use base coat just to protect your nails from its glue and top coat for longer lasting.

I did this on either Thursday or Friday, last week and it starts to wear off by the edges. I’m not too sure if I did a bad job, some part bubbled up and makes me want to peel them off. I bet the removal would be easy too, just peel and gently wipe with nail polish remover to remove excess glue.


Have you tried nail patch/foil/sticker?


Traclyn Yeoh
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