How Have You Been For CNY?

This Chinese New Year is very much eventful because with the people whom I celebrate with. I know this is totally ain’t beauty related but I just wanted to share these beautiful moments. All of these photos, I have shared it in my Instagram and do follow me if you haven’t! Let’s begin with the eve of CNY where my mum needed some kam quat (learn more about kam quat, here) as the offering for the prayers and it was to the very last minute where its so difficult to find only the fruit itself, my brother was frustrated and he bought a whole tree of it.

Traclyn Yeoh & Hayley Yeoh

Introducing you my new girl friend! It’s my niece, Hayley Yeoh. Such a precious little girl with that chubby cheeks that I want to pinch all day! She is just more than a month old and dressy for the first day of CNY!


Visiting BF’s grandma’s house and kick off with firecrackers. The kids were enjoying so much and don’t worry, their parents were watching them.

Wishing Lantern

My first encounter of wishing lantern where most Chinese lights it up on any festive season. To watch it floats up sky high, I wish I could bring my dreams come true to soar bravely high like the lantern. Its not just a mere watch but its full with hopes and priceless. I have yet to light up one of my own but no worries, I will always have the chance.

Devonshire Cream Tea Set

My first scones of the year! This was at Smoke House in Cameron Highland and we have ordered Devonshire Cream Tea set where it comes with 2 scones, cream, jam and a pot of tea. Each set is meant for 2 pax. We have another spot for breakfast and we were sharing 2 sets within 6 of us but the staff disallowed us to ask more tea cups. Sounds stingy and ridiculous? Yes, but I guess they are discouraging sharing like what we do, so that people needs to order more.

Colorful Flowers at Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh Temple is one of the temple located in Cameron Highlands too. They are always filled with beautiful and colorful fresh flowers every time I visit it. Those colors make me feel happy! We had our vegetarian lunch in the temple and helped around to clean the dishes.

Boh Tea Factory & Plantation

Boh tea plantation is something you cannot miss in Cameron Highlands. It was 6km of winding roads up to the hill from the main road. We were so worried that we might have taken the wrong path but its worth the  time. The scent of tea is smells so nice (especially if you’re a tea lover) and we did a light climbing about 15 up hill to one of the peak. The scenery was beautiful.

Happy Valentine's Day

Not to forget to forget to wish all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating with your BF, husband, friends or family, everyone deserves some love on that day. This could be one of our cheesiest photo together, but we show no fear because we are so happy together.

Valentine's Day - Strawberry Bell

I told my BF I didn’t want any roses especially bundles because its just going to be a waste of money. We’ve been together really long and I just wish that we could spend time together. He quietly went to the night market and got me this cute mobile charm strawberry bell. Its really rare and although its just a tiny piece, it shows that he remembered and how much sincerity he has given to me.

Strawberry Cheesecake & Earl Grey at Cameron Valley

Whenever you visit a tea plantation, you’ll definitely not miss the tea house where they serves their tea and some dessert. This is the one from Cameron Valley and I have ordered earl grey tea with strawberry cheese cake. The tea is just lovely but the cake isn’t. What a spoil!

Bee Farm

This is also my first time visiting a bee farm and we weren’t allow to go on our own at the widespread farm but we manage to have a look of it by the shop. The cluster of bees seems so fluffy and cute but of course, you don’t want them to sting you. There’s a fact that I learned about honey very long ago and this is the time to share it. Do you know the darker the honey the better it is? Because they are more rich in anti-oxidant and healing properties.

Traclyn Yeoh & Amber Liew

This is my BF’s cousin on our last day in Cameron Highlands. We slept in late (at 4:00am) for some fun card games. You can tell from my sleepy face.

Waterfall at Lata Iskandar

On our way down, we will never miss the waterfall at Lata Iskandar.  The water is cold and fresh, one of attractions before Cameron Highlands. If you’re a heavy mobile user, I suggest you not stopping here because there’s no reception here at all. I tried Instagram-ing this photo on the spot. 😛

Western Food

Just last night, had a Western dinner with my BF’s family before the Jade Emporer’s Birthday prayers. The price is a little more cheaper than the average but you pay for what you get. I have ordered Butter Chicken Chop and my dish arrived very quickly. The chicken was pre-cooked because the dish isn’t that warm either. This was at Taman Desa Petaling.


So how’s your CNY or Valentine’s? How did you spend your days last week?

Traclyn Yeoh

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