How To Clean Nail Polishes Off The Edges

Having nail polish on is part of our fashion accessories and we all have been there to apply nail polish on our own. When you apply it, the nail polish shade and design is perfect but just need to clean up on the edges where you might be accidentally touched on of your skin area.  Using cotton buds can be one option to clean on large smudges but when it comes closer to the nails, it could probably clean off your nail design.

Putting on Nail Polish… Urgh! I always mess it up

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Do we all faced the same dilemma when it comes to painting our nails? It takes practice to get the other hand to have fine painted nails, even I have the same problem but sometimes it can be because of the nail polish consistency, room temperature or the brush. I’m always skeptical on how we could get that clean perfect nails as though we got our nails done at the salon.

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I always thought to get that clean painted nails will be difficult. I seek such advice from Winnie of The Average Shopaholic over our lunch together a few weeks ago and trust me,  she has better knowledge of nail polishes than I do and I love all her nail designs! Her tips on this is by using a synthetic angled brush, dip into the nail polish remover and its done!

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Alright, that’s super easy! Why didn’t that come across my mind? I believe you can also use other type of brushes depending on your preference on which suits you best. I do have a bunch of nail brushes but they have gone missing for months and I think I might have accidentally threw them away.

Another tips that was shared by a friend is to apply Vaseline petroleum jelly around the nails to avoid painting over the skin. On the other side, the petroleum jelly helps to moisturize your cuticles at the same time. She also shared on how to avoid bubbled nails is to store the nail polish into the fridge for at least 5 minutes before use. I suppose your fridge could possibly be your nail polish storage too!

Do you have any tips to ensure clean painted nails? Share it below!

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  1. Hey Traclyn, thanks for linking me up and ladies, do remember to wash your hands and moisturize after using the remover as the remover will dry your cuticles up real bad!

    Winnie aka Vaintips

    • No worries and thanks for more tips Winnie! I agree on the moisturizing after remover, mine gets really dry too.

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