Ice Ice Baby!

Does the title remind you of the video above? This is such an old school that I’ve listened since I was little and the only part that I remember strongly is ‘ice ice baby…dum dum dum druum dum..’ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪. However, this ain’t about that song 😛 .

Sometimes I like to challenge myself into trying something new. Well, it really depends sometimes, what are the challenges and this time is ice skating. Call me a newbie but yes, I have never ice skate my whole life but I always would love to try. The lover brought me here secretively during my birthday last month. YAY! and I’m not longing for anything expensive but this is fun!

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This indoor ice skating rink is the only and largest in Malaysia, located in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex. Admission fee is for MYR15 per entry on weekday, MYR20 per entry for weekend and MYR23 for public and school holiday. Just to remind you to have your meal before entering if you want to make your whole skating experience worth it, you don’t have to exit just for your meal and not enjoying the skating after that unless you want to repurchase again. Need not to worry that washrooms are available upon your entry premise. During the purchase of tickets, you’ll be offered to buy gloves for MYR8 and socks for MYR5 but if you have your own, you can bring it. Both items is a must.

Your tickets are those hand straps and let the machine scan on your hand strap to make your way in. As you enter you will notice on your right there is a white Zamboni, ice resurfacer parked in a room with some tanks. Beside it is where you are going to pick your size of ice skating shoes and this is where you return them too.

Here’s me getting ready for the ice skating, there are lockers by the side where you can keep your things. That would cost you MYR 2 to purchase the tokens to slot into the lockers to unlock them, a key will be provided  from the locker itself  to later unlock it to collect your belongings. This are one time lockers, so if you have just have to be careful what you want to bring with or without.

They are not so particular on the clothing but my advice when you’re first timer, its best to wear a pair of jeans preferably black. That is to cover up in case that you fall on the ice and if you’re not use to the cold. As much as I have experience windy winter in Australia, I suppose this is still alright for me. I learned that you must tie the lace of your skates a little tight and firm at the very end so that your skates doesn’t fly out of nowhere onto anybody and if you did not tie tight enough, you may risk yourself of any leg injury if you fall. Wearing those skates are like wearing wedges, you ladies will get what I mean and I definitely didn’t have the problem to stand and walk on ground with it.

Sad that cameras are not  allowed in the rink but we spent great quality time of five hours from 2pm till 7pm. It was tough to glide and slide on the ice as it’s slippery and the fear of falling just makes you keeping yourself holding to the sides. Call me mean but I just can’t stop laughing watching people falling and even if I’m about to fall. Worse still, I laughed even more when I’m shaking to fall. I fell once but I dragged my lover to fall together with me and yeah, I was laughing non-stop although I fell. I mean that’s part of fun yea? The fall isn’t too bad, it makes your bump a wee bit wet.

Surprisingly, I was sweating in the rink that I had to tie my hair up, I kept trying and getting better by bits on each try. You might feel the chill if you stay stagnant and not moving as much. I’m still not as good, still a beginner but I really enjoyed it so much. What annoyed me is the ice police kept trying to be nosy in between us all the time and some ‘authorized’ or maybe coaches were scraping ices to show off their way of breaking to stop. They think that they are ‘cool’ but that’s not very nice and inconsiderate.

I recommend going for this especially for the scorching heat in Malaysia lately that is crisping you up. Gather some of your family members or friends to have some fun. Before going do browse through their website at Sunway Pyramid Ice for rules and regulations or even promotions from time to time.  They also offer lessons and packages for events. Opening hours varies in different days:

  • Weekdays : 9am – 8pm
  • Saturdays: 9am – 10pm
  • Sundays: 9am – 8:30pm
  • Public Holiday and School Holidays : 9am – 10pm

Have fun until then, cheers~

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. wow… so how was the skating?? It’s been a gazillion years I’ve step into the rink! hahaha…

    • It was great! I’m still shaky but everything was so fun and awesome. You should have fun there too!

  2. I agreed about the ice police! they are so annoying!!! I want to shoot 2 of them….always bug me, maybe because of my average handsome look or normal skating skill or something…

    Yep! they are showoff loser.

    They always skating in the wrong way, giving dull warning, false alarm, etc

    Everytime my visits to ice ring, I will fight with ice police, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ICE POLICE! PLEESEEE!!! GO AWAY!! & NEVER comeback!

    Sorry I use your blog to express my feelings towards ice police!

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