Illuminate Eyes in 360° with Lancôme Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activator

Our eyes are the window of our soul and if they are tired, you’ll look dull and restless. Makeup can only temporary to enhance your restless eyes but in terms of skin deep, don’t you want your eyes to be refreshed, brighter, glowing and youthful? Lancôme is bringing us to a new journey of eye contour makeover.

Reinventing eye contour care, Lancôme Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activator is a breakthrough of  360° treatment to illuminate eyes. It is not only offering anti-aging purposes but to restore the youthfulness of the eye area and by extension, the face.

Adding a new family to the Lancôme Génifique, here is the first eye serum, Lancôme Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye-Illuminating Youth Activator.  The 10 signs of illuminating eyes is

  1. Uniformity of white of the eye
  2. Shine of the eye
  3. Openness of lids around the eye
  4. Position of the eyebrow tail
  5. Luminosity od eye brow arches
  6. Crow’s feet
  7. Fine lines under eye
  8. Dark circles
  9. Puffiness
  10. Eyelid skin condition

With this serum, we can have the illuminating eyes that we long for. The unique formula  is light and melts into the skin  instantly to release its powerful active ingredients. Caffeine, Escine and Micro-Algae Chlorella Vulgaris Extract are the ingredients that helps to improve eye puffiness, dark circles and areas of shadow.

The serum is formulated fragrance-free, definitely unscented to my concern. Also, featuring its applicator which goes along with this serum is a pearl-shaped applicator called Light-Pearl. This applicator a new age applicator for our eyes.

Unlike the classical dropper that we commonly see in serum bottles, the Light-Pearl applicator has a 50° rotation angle which allows a high degree of suppleness during application. It is made out of surgical stainless steel but incredibly soft and smooth chiselled with ceramic and porcelain polishers then smoothen with diamond powder.

Joselyn, Lancôme’s Education Manager demonstrated on how to apply using this serum along with Light-Pearl.

Here is a close up on what Joselyn had showed. Massaging using the right technique for your eye contour helps improve blood circulation and the skin texture around the eyes.

Zamri, Lancôme’s National Makeup Artist showed a 2 minute on-the-go application. The application involves

  1. Apply the serum and massage the product around the eye area
  2. Lightly powder the eye area
  3. Defining brows and eyes
  4. Perking the lashes with mascara

This serum can also be applied under and over the makeup. The Light-Pearl needs to be wiped after each use if using over the makeup or sharing to remain the purify of the serum as well as hygienic purposes.

Other than testing it out on your eye area, this serum is powerful enough to make a difference on our hands. Testing it out the skin in between the index finger and thumb using the same technique demonstrated by Joselyn.

Alan, Lancôme’s trainer was helpful to apply the serum for me to test it. Of course, I do have makeup on and please pardon the oil-slick face. I was so worried that my concealer will completely smudged off but take a look at the images. I look like as though, I had refreshed my makeup. The Light-Pearl applicator does glides on smoothly, no tugging and it feels good because its cool and refreshing. Best of all, it doesn’t feel tacky. In 7 days testimonials on 49 women on the eye contour,

  • Skin texture  improved: 71%
  • Skin seems fresher: 71%
  • Skin seems moisturized: 84%

This serum is yet to come, this is a sneak peak for you!Don’t forget to ‘Like’ Lancôme Facebook below to be notified with their latest updates.

Price: MYR225.00

Weight: 20ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: October 2012


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  1. Very tempting to get one but definitely will get sample to try on! Thank you for the great post!

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