January 2013 Hits & Misses

Quickly passed the first month of 2013 and I was enjoying the long stretch of holidays. My boss hated it but there’s nothing he could do 😛 . I haven’t had long breaks like this for almost 2 months but it’s all good, I’m trying my best to cope everything nicely. As you might even notice, I’m not as consistent for these 2 months with my blog post, please bare with me. Looking into last month’s happening of my life, I have only four items to share for hits and misses.

Naruko Narcissus Defence BB Sunscreen

Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50

A while back, this BB cream didn’t work so well for me because my entire face was still oily. Now that my skin has turned to combination skin, it has been kind to my skin. I hardly use BB cream and most of the time because they are too fair for me. This BB Sunscreen is light like a tinted moisturizer and helps to even out my skintone very well. Compared to many other BB creams, this has the LEAST greyish cast once it’s oxidized. I bought this last year in March, check the haul here.

Rilakkuma Mirror

Rilakkuma Mirror

This was a gift by a friend who went to Hong Kong. I actually requested if another Rilakkuma mirror that I have been longing for long time. The mirror I wanted is really difficult to find (including locally) unless were to look for one from Japan. I’m really happy to have this mirror too, its sleek and once you flipped it over, it stands. I use it most of the time when I need to do close ups.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

This is not any beauty product but I have waited long enough for this. I have been waiting patiently for this to come when Samsung S3 arrived in Malaysia. I almost bought Samsung S3 but I have seen and heard tons of reviews saying how fragile this is. I just bought this baby last month and its partially a gift from my BF too! Love the casing too, its a flip cover that also stands. With this new gadget, I’m on Twitter and Instagram to reach out for you!

Purple Wristlet With Gold Zipper

Purple Wristlet with Gold Zipper

I bought this wristlet for only MYR10 and it fits my Samsung Note 2, almost like a clutch size.  It has another two pockets with zippers. The interior material for the outside pocket is a little flimsy  and feels plastic but the interior for the inside pocket is suede. The quality of the suede isn’t too bad and this is my lunch break wristlet. I might convert this as my permanent purse because I don’t want bulky purse, no more. I bought this in one of the shops in Sungei Wang on Lower Ground Floor.


How have January 2013 been treating you?


Traclyn Yeoh
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