Jessie J – Price Tag (Puppet) Tutorial

It’s been a while since the last tutorial, I know I know it has been like 5 months without any tutorial. I’m really working on it. It’s difficult to work with the new editor that runs on laptop with old processor. I’m considering a new piece soon. I told myself no matter how bad it is, I need to come out with something for  Halloween. This month will be the most exciting as we get to see tons of creative Halloween makeup. Mine is just a simple puppet look from Jessie J’s Price Tag music video. I made earlier plans for the wig to complete the entire look. It’s really exciting to share this to you. Enjoy!

Here are some additional photos for the entire look. Very doll-ish look as well  🙂 .

Without the hat, look at the curly wig. It was difficult to straighten it.

I shall creep on to your bed at night…

The puppet pose

Look in to my stare and I forever haunt you. Remember my face for every time before you sleep~ *spooky* I think it’s not too scary after-all despite the background music of the tutorial.

Who do you want to be this Halloween?

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Traclyn Yeoh
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