June 2013 Hits & Misses

How was your June? I was enjoying June so much that I wish it didn’t have to pass that fast. I went to Bangkok, get a glimpse of Kim Jong Kook during the fan meet-up in Paradigm Mall and a few of Vanity Trove Malaysia Pink Carpet events. It was a busy month but its worth and I enjoyed very much. For last month’s hits and misses, I have something mixed that you can find locally and internationally.

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Cancer Counsil Australia Active Sunscreen SPF50

Cancer Council Australia Active Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++

I bought this when I was Bangkok especially when I know I will be walking around a lot. I think I might have used it before when I was in Melbourne during the summer carnivals. I find this not as sticky as many other sunblock, easily absorbed onto my skin and it has that mild typical sunblock scent. I usually applied once before heading out and it protected my skin so well that I didn’t get tan at all. I picked this at their Watsons for 1990 bhat which is approximately  equivalent to MYR 19.90

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitally Essence Oil

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Essence Oil

This is one face oil I’m currently loving although I have combination skin. Oil doesn’t has to be bad for your skin, some face oil can be beneficial  and my skin has benefited from this so much that I didn’t realize how big a difference it has made for me. I have a full review of this here.

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitally 2 Step Treatment

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality 2-Step Treatment

This is another amazing mask that I came across, it has clay mask and another, I would consider it as sleeping mask. The clay mask helps in absorbing excess oil and it can never be dry. The cream stays on as cream for more than 20 minutes and the effect of the ‘sleeping mask’ makes my face brighter until the next morning! I also have a full review on this here.

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Vincci Sunglasses

Vincci Sunglasses

As I was browsing during my lunch break, I spotted this at Vincci and I vowed to wear sunnies as long as there is sun to protect my eyes. The culture for working people to wear sunnies on their way to office is not as strong here. Whenever I head back and forth to work with this on, people around me looked at me as though I’m a weirdo. I think this sunnies is pretty simple and nothing too fancy, I bought this for only MYR5.00 which is incredibly cheap!

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Jackfruit Ccracker

Jackfruit Cracker

I bought in Chatuchak Market, Bangkok and I remembered mum likes it so much but this is much more cruncy than the ones my mum brought back. Hers was from Bali which is slightly softer. I’m not sure how is this being prepared and this does has a little oil but this is very flavourful. In a way, I liked to treat this as a healthy snack since it’s coming from jackfruit. If anyone know’s where I can buy this in Kuala Lumpur, please let me know!

Have you come across any of the items above?


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