Katy Perry Part Of Me Makeup Tutorial

When Katy Perry Part of Me music video was uploaded, no one was expecting that she joined the marines for three months. I felt for this song and how could you not love Katy? I was inspired to re-create her makeup when she was buying a drink at the convenience store. It’s nothing to dramatic really but totally wearable for day or night. Please enjoy!




The eye makeup is very neutral and simple. Everyone could totally pull it off everyday!

Actually I didn’t take much photos, my camera battery died and just manage to get a few. I do look a little sour because I was sick and hasn’t fully recover until today. Plus, it was raining when I was filming this. I took the opportunity to film outside for different exposure of backgrounds and it creates different ambient to the video. Do you agree?

I love this shot the most, thanks to my BFF who helped me on this! I was trying to replicate what Katy wore in the music video. Her dress is much lighter which I saw it later in Topshop.  Her spot ons are white spaghetti top wearing from inside, brown belt, black watch and boots. This was the closest that I could get, not too bad huh?


Traclyn Yeoh
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