Katy Perry Wide Awake Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Katy Perry is such a great inspiration and Wide Awake music video will be a wrap up of her album Teenage Dream. I try not to miss her latest videos because she has beautiful makeup to go along with it. Her makeup in Wide Awake music video definitely caught my eye and couldn’t resist in replicating her makeup look. Please enjoy!

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The contact lens is to replicate her pupil color but obviously it didn’t work so well because her’s has much softer color. The eye makeup mainly look purplish but with slight blue undertone to it, very simple eye makeup.

The dark background made me look pale, I think that’s how it might work from Katy’s music video too. The look is pale, dark, edgy and Gothic.

To replicate even more, I styled my hair quite similar to hers except that my curls are tighter because my hair length is up till my chest.

With a bright background, you could see my true skin color and this makeup look much retro. Personally, I think I would wear this look to glam parties or gala nights and anyone could wear this.


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Traclyn Yeoh
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    • That’s why I’ve created video tutorials to guide how to apply makeup. I hope you enjoy and be able to achieve this look with this tutorial. Give it a try, who knows if yours might turn out better than mine. 🙂

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