Lancôme Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Sneak Peak

Just last week, Lancôme Malaysia has introduce its latest skincare, Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Essence. Located at Concourse KLCC, which was the first spot in Malaysia to introduce this essence.

“Inspired by a drop of light, a crystalline texture in luminous packaging” – Lancôme Malaysia

Lancôme Malaysia held a special session for the bloggers and we sat in front of the screens ( I did felt like we’re having a class *huge smile* ). Joanne Leong, Marketing Manager of Lancôme Malaysia welcomed us cheerfully.

Joselyn Lee, Education Manager of Lancôme Malaysia taught us the importance of keeping our skin at its top transparency and radiance. The way that how she portrayed it is very simple, look at the two lower images from the image above. Fibroblasts lies beneath your skin which are connective tissue cells that makes and secrete collagen proteins (read more about fibroblast, here). Using a torch light that represents the sunlight shines through the two different fibroblast representation, healthy fibroblast should stay crystal clear and luminous while aged fibroblast shows dull and lack of radiance. Which do you desire?

The serum is very light in texture, almost felt nothing after spreading on my skin. It has soy and sunflower extract that helps to brighten and reveal ones skin luminosity. Actyl-P is a whitening ingredient that helps to inhibit melanogenesis and protecting skin from UVs. Rose and mint extract helps to reduce inflammatory. It also contains a small percentage of salicylic acid that helps to gently exfoliate skin daily to reveal brighter smoother skin. This is suitable for sensitive skin unless you are sensitive by the ingredients itself.

Combining two drops of the essence with two pearl sized of Blanc Expert Melanolyser Whitening Activating Spot Eraser, it creates a powerful combination for fairer and radiant skin. The combination isn’t too heavy by texture, it felt just like emulsion.

Joselyn also demonstrated to us how to massage face with the essence. I strongly believe in face massaging as it helps to keep your skin supple and pushes out the toxins away. Check out Fatin‘s video on this demonstration, here.

Here is the complete set of Blanc Expert and the essence comes in as a new member to the family! The essence retails at MYR350.00 for 30ml.

What’s with these beautiful dresses?

This dresses designed by our local fashion designer, Carven Ong are to be given away! Purchase this serum from any Lancôme counters or be Lancôme Malaysia Facebook fan and winners will be picked by lucky draw. What are you waiting for?

Thank you Lancôme Malaysia for understanding our beauty needs!

Chicky ladies from left to right: Amanda, Joolyn, Fatin, Jean, me and Andrea.

On top of that, we are the first few to be able to try this essence too! I have just used it for a few days and already loving it  because its working for my skin. I will definitely review this essence, stay tuned!


Traclyn Yeoh
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