Lavender Fields Inspired

Lavender has been one of those beautiful flowers and it has been a great use in many subjects. The only thing that I have with lavender is essential oil and L’occitane Lavender Eau de Toilette. If I ever visit lavender fields, I would want to hug and sweep my hand gently across those flowers or even rest my body beside them. They are awesomely beautiful ~ ♥

Here’s some inspiration although I didn’t have the chance to visit any yet, that doesn’t mean I could not express my love for lavenders. It’s simple, easy and wearable. It took me sometime to upload this video, I have it in AVI format  and the file was 1.2gigabit, this format is better and projects clearer than previous videos. With the slow internet connection in Malaysia, it took me 8 ½ hours to upload this video but it was a relief that though the connection dropped a few times but it didn’t interrupt the uploading progress. It definitely takes a lot of patience and tolerance from me! 🙂

Please enjoy the tutorial! This video quality is clearer than previous video, no? Please subscribe to my Youtube channel in support of my videos. 🙂

Cheers ~ ♥


Traclyn Yeoh
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