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In support of the PINK October month, I’m happy to share with you some information on breast cancer. Breast cancer is the commonest cancer amongst Malaysian women of every race, and a woman in Malaysia has a 1 in 20 chance of getting breast cancer in her lifetime. I have a friend who lost her mother at a very young age because of breast cancer. I felt sorry for my friend because I knew her mother since I was young, I cried for her lost and paid my last respect to her mother when I visited her home.

Stories like this scares me and I wish no one will ever get this, what’s better if this cancer never been existed. The fact is it’s here and what we can do is to share knowledge among women and men that early detection is very important and it could possibly save life.

What about shopping and at the same time it goes to the charity?

Azorias are working closely with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) in support for this cause. Azorias initiatives are:

  • Donating 10% of proceeds of pink items sold ti BCWA (indicated with pink ribbon watermark)
  • Selling BCWA merchandise in store where all proceeds will go to BCWA
  • A pink ribbon and BCWA brochure will be included on each order for you to wear them proudly in support to this campaign!

What’s most importantly is to pass around these message to your friends, partner and family. Educating men is also important as to create awareness for their female companion or friends.

  1. Breast self-check once a month at age of 18 years and above
  2. Clinical breast exam once a year at the age 25 years and above
  3. Mammogram once a year at 40 years and above

I have been supporting cervical cancer campaign since last year and this is just as important. How to support such campaign? Easy!

As a beauty blogger, here I’ll share you a simple one. Wearing PINK makeup is one of the way, from eye, cheeks and lips. You want the PINK makeup to be complimentary, I’m sure you don’t want to look like a clown. Check out the shocking PINK lipstick! I actually have PINK contact lens too.

Oh, don’t forget to wear the PINK ribbon! The greatest symbol for this campaign.

My ribbon is on and this is my pledge. The PINK ribbon is a reminder for many of us. Some of us might be unaware of what’s the ribbon for, just share with them what it is and you will eventually share this message.

It ain’t difficult to pass this message on, just a few click you’ll be able to share it in your social network. Share this if you care. Don’t be ashamed of wearing PINK, wear them proudly.

Azoria is also running a contest for you to be creative wearing PINK. Strike a pose, snap a photo and share it on their Facebook wall with the tagline ‘I am wearing pink today, what about you? I support Pink October‘.

For everyone who post will receive a 10% discount voucher and at the end of the month, Azoria will choose their favorite photo and winner gets to select one PINK outfit of her choice in their website! Give it a try, who knows you might be selected.

Don’t forget ‘Like’ Azorias Facebook

Check out Azorias website below:


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