Little Beauty Enhancers That Works

Some of my friends or whenever I get a makeover, people around me is amazed on how long my lashes and my double eye lids. I always tell them these are some beauty enhancers that anyone could use, you’ll just have to work hard to get what you want.

Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator

I don’t have long lashes to begin with and have sparse brows but I have decided to grow them in 2008 when I found  Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator in Melbourne. You can’t expect this to work overnight and I only noticed my lashes and brow hair grew longer and fuller after 6 months of using it. This treatment is so powerful until  there are lashes growing near my tear ducts. I have stopped using this when I took up the challenge to try Talika Lipocils Expert. Now you might think that I’m probably contradicting myself  for the review but truly, this was the foundation before it.

Double Eye Lid Stickers

Its not that I don’t have double eyelid but mine was tapered instead of parallel. Sometimes I could get both which makes one my eye looking bigger than the other, totally uneven. It almost a year of me using double eyelid stickers and I use two types. I’m using the thinner type during the day and thicker before bed time.  You might think how hardcore can I be to even have them on when I’m sleeping? Its best to have them on for more than 20 hours, double eyelid stickers helping you to crease on where you want it to be. The reason for me to use the thicker type before bed time is because it prevents my eyelid to crease at its original line and makes my eyelid to understand it should crease to the new line when you first open your eye as you wake up. After about 4-5 months of practising such routine, I did have a permanent parallel double eyelid and there are times I don’t need those stickers during the day. Most importantly to do not rub your eyes or your double eyelid will go back to its original state. This not only work for me, it even worked on Michelle Phan and she shared how she even out her eye lids. These stickers are totally inexpensive, I could get them at MYR5 – MYR6.90 for 120 pieces at Chamelon.


Will you try this beauty trick? Or have you tried them?


Traclyn Yeoh
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    • Double eyelid glue could still give you the double eyelid effect but because of the thickness of the glue, its not good enough to sustain to make the eyelid to understand where it should crease for long term. It would go good for day wear for its visibility.

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