Little Rocker

Last Saturday went to a Handmade Etsy Market in Empire Shopping Gallery Subang with the main initiative to visit Patty from Lulla Belle and put up a mild rocker style. I finally get to meet her after knowing her years from online.  I bought some lip balms from her and she’s too kind! She gave a free gift along with my purchase.

  • Top: Black t-shirt with lots of stars
  • Bottom: Denim shorts
  • Hand wrist: Zig zag black stack bangles
  • Waist: Studded belt
  • Bag: Black Swiss Polo
  • Footwear: Studded diamond-shaped pointy black flats

Close up for the studded belt.  Very simple but statement varies.

Close up for the studded diamond-shaped pointy black flats. It’s funny how these flats actually fit nicely onto my feet when I bought them and I left them about a month later to wear it, it turn out to be tight fitting now. I need to enlarge it.

Traclyn Yeoh
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    • Haha yeap finally get to meet after years! Thanks and we will see each other again! 🙂

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