Lovable Nails & Hiatus Status

It’s about 3 weeks to go till Valentine’s and I know this could be a little early but ideas like this doesn’t harm right? Who knows I might have more Valentine’s nail ideas to update you in the future. However, these nail idea is not only meant for Valentine’s. You can put up such designs at any time you want and this design is really girlish, feminine and cute.

Lovable Nails - Essie Vanity Fair & Flormar Super Shine 43 Upclose

Here’s a closeup and you can tell why I call it Lovable. The stacked hearts adds so much cuteness to the nails and  the color combination is very soft and delicate. The size of the heart shapes are from big to small with a few dots on each ends, makes the entire design with dreamy accent.

Essie Nail Polish in Vanity Fairest

The base color that I have used is Essie Nail Polish in Vanity Fairest. It’s a very soft milky pink shade and I have applied two coats of it.

Konad M59

For the heart shape design, I have used my Konad metal plate in m59. The design is as pointed in the image above.

Flormar Super Shine Nail Polish in 43

I have used Flormar Super Shine Nail Polish in 43 for the colors of the heart shape. Its more of a fushia color which makes the design stands out from the base color. The consistency of this nail polish is very thick, making it suitable to do the nail stamping.

After this post, I will not be updating till next week as I’m taking a short break starting tomorrow and will be out of town for holidays! You can still catch up with me via Twitter and/or Instagram and I will be more than just happy to see you there.


Traclyn Yeoh
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