LUNASOL Modelling Glossy Eyes in Soft Kahaki & Swatches

‘This is a four-color eye shadow set that includes the exceedingly pure luster of crystals and translucent autumn colors. 

The newly formulated Glossy Base contains a bounty of beauty essence ingredients that provide moisture to the eyelids while adding a dewy luster, 

This eye shadow create three-dimensionality and a clear depth on the eyes as the colors are layered on.’ – LUNASOL

Here’s is closeup of the palette from the upcoming of LUNASOL 2012 Autumn Makeup Collection and this palette is in Soft Khaki where it has more of green to khaki shades. I have numbered the shades from the image above for easier reference on the swatches below.

Here are the swatches according to the numbered from the above palette. The lighter colors are a little cheer but dark colors are very pigmented.

  1. Fine silver glitter base
  2. Shimmery white
  3. Shimmery light khaki with fine silver gold glitter
  4. Khaki with less fine gold glitter
  5. Extreme dark forest green with less fine gold glitter
  6. Extreme dark forest green with fine gold glitter

It comes with two small applicators where one is a dual ended  eye shadow &  blending brush and another is a sponge applicator.

I would to share about the box, it has an instruction to cut the sides of the box which made me so curious and inside is the box is there you could learn how to use this palette. This is cool but I couldn’t read Japanese  *confused smile*. For the Modeling Glossy Eyes, it comes with three other palettes which is Icy Glow, Mauve Pink and Warm Beige.If you wish to be updated with the latest on Kanebo, don’t forget to like their Facebook below!

Price: MYR185.00

Weight: 4grams

Collection Status: Seasonal

Availability: Early September at LUNASOL counters throughout Malaysia


~ ♦ ~

This palette is a press sample, courtesy of Kanebo

Traclyn Yeoh
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