MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows & Swatches

This collection was launched in the US early 2012, I’m not sure when exactly they did for Malaysia but I reckon it should be approximately that period of time. I managed to grab these during the Suria Meriang Staff Sales 2013 and you can check there what I have hauled too. The sales was exciting and I’m already looking forward for next year’s!

MAC Cosmetics In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow 2

Description: Extra Dimension is a liquid-powder eye shadow with prismatic reflections in ten shimmering tints with an impact that ranges from sheer crystallized light to a highly polished metallic effect and lasts up to six hours.

I grabbed this set of four for MYR 100.00 and each eye shadow weighs at 2grams/0.07oz. Initially this was retailed for MYR85.00 each and the manufacturing date was October 2011, I think its still good looking at the condition and its not expired yet. I just wanted to show close up of each eye shadow and swatches.

MAC Cosmetics In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow - Lunar

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Lunar

MAC Cosmetics In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow - Rich Core

MAC Extra Dimension in Rich Core

MAC Cosmetics In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow - Grand Galaxy

MAC Extra Dimension in Grand Galaxy

MAC Cosmetics In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow - Warm Thunder

MAC Extra Dimension in Warm Thunder


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    • I can’t wait for next year’s sales now! The shadows indeed lovely and gorgeous!

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