Magic Color Lens Special Blogger Review Session – Oh What BIG EYES You Have!

Image Courtesy of Magic Color Lens

This event happened just last week and was a private invite by Magic Color Lens. They are so thoughtful, organized and friendly especially they kept all bloggers updated on what they did by sending lovely invites and creating cutesy images (above) of the event and into packing our goody bags. If you look at the image closely above, each bloggers are decorated with costumes and I’m a white sheep! kawaii-neh~ (=^.^=)

This event was held privately for selected bloggers who are contact lens wearers at a designer cake shop, Delectable by Su located in The Gardens, Mid Valley City. They definitely have beautiful cakes, from tiered cakes, cupcakes and nuts! They have so much details on each cake, not to mention their packaging look so lovely and dainty.

Prior to the event, look at the lovely refreshment! Light and healthy, there’s egg sandwich (it has very fresh and chewy vegetable inside but I couldn’t tell what is it), mushroom tarts, flower-shaped breads with raw salmon topped with cheese and thyme/rosemary (maybe?), cupcakes, stick biscuits, chocolate lolly-shaped and happinut (that’s what they call it). The presentation of food is just nice and clean!

Not to forget there’s also little cups that has like brownie/cake texture at the bottom with cream, chocolate chips and sprinkles of chocolate powder, it serves like a dessert and it wasn’t sweet enough at first until you get to the bottom of it, the sweetness is just nice at the end taste. There was marshmallows (but it was too pretty that I didn’t eat any!) and chewy pop corns! Each of us receive our choice of lenses and goodies in our goody bag and it’s personalized to each and everyone of us which I’ll show by the end of the post.

The makeover begins right after everyone has their lenses on, all done up with makeup and hairdo. These makeover was done by Celeb Image Gallery. I was really afraid that the makeup artist didn’t get my features but she did quite a good job although my skin oiled up so easily, she kept helping me to touch up. Most passerby was looking wondering what most of us were doing. They were very curious!

Here’s my makeup artist and her work. I told her I didn’t want anything too dramatic, I think I should have requested for shades of my top. She is very friendly and was gentle towards the application. I learned something new from her. You can always use ampules as your base that cater to your skin condition before applying any makeup. I should really try this method or maybe show it in my tutorials. My hair was done by another person and I love those curls very much. GAH, I miss my curls! I have Stilette Pink which has more black hues rather than pink and under the natural light, it appears darker.

Check out all the beauties after the makeover. Some of us already reviewed verbally, do the makeup talking and cam-whoring! I suppose it’s alright to cam-whore a little more since we have been beautified? Or else it’s going to be a waste!  We had so much fun and let me list who are the bloggers attended for this.

  1. Tammy from Plus Size Kitten
  2. Isabel from Sugar Coated Muffin
  3. Fatin from Chocolate Catsz
  4. Stellar from Stellar Vixen
  5. Dalina from Pink Dalina
  6. Alicia from Alie Sez
  7. Haze Long from Haze Long
  8. Elle from elle
  9. Wani from Shazwani Hamid
  10. Michelle Chuah from Supermodel’s Secrets

Please check out their blogs and be kind to them!

Now let’s see what’s in the goody bad. What I really appreciate is they took so much effort in letting us know when the goody bag is all packed with cutesy graphics in Facebook. You must be wondering why I have a cow plushie there? Look at the first image from the top post again, I’m a sheep and the only thing I have the closest is the cow plushie and her name is MuMu. I can really tell how much effort they have put in to pack this goody bag because each bag has each blogger’s name, the contact lenses are packed with another card package, a contact lens case with sticker of this particular event (with contact lens case, miniature tweezer, and little bottles), they even purchased tidy&neat bag organizer for us and biscuits from Delectable by Su. What you say? Awesome yea?

These are the lenses that has been provided by them. On the day itself I was wearing Stilette Pink. I don’t really have any eye sight problem and most of my lenses are planos which means 0 power. From left to right are Snow Brown, Dazzle Gray and Sparkling Violet. When you’re wearing lenses, please bare with your natural color of your iris because how strong the color from the lens stands out depends on them. Mine is dark brown and lately I’ve been trying on Snow Brown and Dazzle Gray, they stood out pretty well and it manage to cover my natural color of my iris.

Image Courtesy of Magic Color Lens

Look how flawless my skin in the photo, I would to have it for real! I’m not sure if it’s me but my jaw doesn’t seems to look balance. I love how the makeup artist drew my eyebrows thickly but it’s quite an arch, I prefer it to be flat so that my face doesn’t look as long. These lenses comes in 16mm in diameter which is pretty big because the usual size ones without having the big eye look is 14mm.

They are from Korea and by using the Diamond Cutting technology which provide exceptionally fine quality surface. I got to admit that these lenses are more comfortable than Geo Lens, softer and its definitely thinner too. Although it was soft, these lenses tend to flip out whenever I try to put them on but that happen about 2-3 times and if you get a hang of it, you’ll be alright.  Wearing these lenses also feels light as it is thinner, I can’t really feel the lenses over my eyelid but for Geo Lens it does.

It also has the high water content  of 55%, I wore my lenses for this particular day for almost 12 hours and only my eyes started to feel dry by the 8th hour. If for Geo Lens, it could last me by the 6th hour and I will start to feel a little headache too. The other day I was wearing Snow Brown for 8 hours without much problem on dryness but the color of the lens has a little red hue. To counter the dryness without dripping any eye drop is to close your eyes for 2-3 minutes, let your eyes rest for a bit then it will be alright after that. If you think you need those eye drops, please select the ones suitable for contact lenses and even better some helps to cleanse those lenses when you’re having them on.

They will be having promotion on starting next week 16th May 2011 till 30th June 2011! I suggested this idea of special code specially for you and they accepted it. Cool huh? Their lenses are priced at MYR40 each pair and all their lenses last for a year. By the way, there is an advise on this where though the lenses last for a year that would also depends how often you wear them. If you wear them daily, it is recommended to change them every 3 months and if you don’t wear them as often, you can keep them for a year once you opened the blister packs. If you want to take this offer, don’t forget to take a look on the steps how to get them from the image. I will also include this code at the sidebar under promotional code.

Do check them out as there are 11 collections to choose from at the moment and please support Magic Color Lens Facebook Page. Oh, support my Facebook page too. I recently opened it because there was too many random people whom I don’t know starts to add me in my personal Facebook. The request is pilling up without any introduction at all.

I would like to thank Magic Color Lens for having me! (=^.^=)

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. hi traclyn!!
    Nice to meet your acquintance!! hugss!

    such a fun and beautiful event~!
    i’ll be following you!


    wanna win a bottle of garnier?

  2. Hey Traclyn, great job with the photo collages. Just wondering, did you use a collage generator for it, some sort of software, or did you brave Photoshop? 😛

    • Its a software that I could combine a few pictures together. I’m no photo shop skills at all and I find collaging photos are kind of hot now 😛

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