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Malaysia’s National Day has ended a while ago, so as the Merdeka Make-up Competition organized by NYX Cosmetics Malaysia (Unofficial). It’s sad that I didn’t get to win but that’s fine. When I was doing the campaign, I realize that winning  doesn’t matter anymore. What’s more important is the friendship and relationship I share with my friends.

I was campaigning in Facebook (NYX Cosmetics Malaysia (Unofficial)‘s page is in Facebook). It was my bad to decide to participate almost at the end of August when they started the competition from early August. Check out my submission, here. I still remember I was left with five days to get votes. I tried approaching as many people in my list to vote for me. That moment I had log on to Facebook for long hours. It was tiring and challenging but I did not give up. Until the third day of campaigning, I realize that winning doesn’t matter.

Why do I say so? As I approach my friends personally seeking for help, they easily help me out without asking any favors in return and they do it because we’re friends. I was touched because a few of my friends said it. I thank them so much for doing so because I never thought that things will run so easily, although some of my messages was ignored. Some of them shared my link to get their other friends to vote for me. Until the final day, I gave a pat on my back because the amount of votes are quite impressive, it shows the hardwork I’ve done to achieve it. Hereby I would like to say:


Here I present to you my make-up tutorial for look that I’ve submitted. Previously, I have already recorded this but somehow the first scene of the video was missing. I have no idea where it went. So I had to re-do this video but I think I would prefer this because the lighting was far better that the previous one. This is still not as good and I’m looking for ways to make it better. Enjoy Malaysia Flag Inspired Makeup!


Traclyn Yeoh
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