Malaysia Flag Nails Tutorial & Happy Independence Day!

Malaysia Independence Day is here and just to show some patriotism, I’m back with another nail tutorial having Malaysia flag nails!  It’s really simple and fun design but slightly time consuming. Not going to rant more, let’s rock into the tutorial.

Malaysia Flag Nails Tutorial - What You'll Need

  1. Base Coat
  2. White Nail Polish
  3. Royal / Dark Blue Nail Polish
  4. Bright Yellow Nail Polish
  5. Red Nail Polish
  6. Top Coat
  7. Small Tip Brush

Malaysia Flag Nails Tutorial - How To

  1. Apply base coat to avoid nail discoloration.
  2. Apply white nail polish on thumb, ring finger and pinkie.
  3. Apply blue nail polish on the index and middle finger.
  4. Use red nail polish and create horizontal stripes on white nails.
  5. Repeat the same but create vertical stripes on the thumb.
  6. Use the fine tip brush, dip into yellow and draw a crescent on the index finger and star as many points, best to hit 13 points.
  7. Seal everything up with the top coat and you’re done!

Malaysia Flag Nails Tutorial 2

When you’re done you can see how the stripes on the thumb comes along when you put them together like this. My crescent and star is not as finely drawn because it can be tricky during that step when you want to ensure the opacity of those shapes.

Malaysia Flag Nails Tutorial 3

Simple isn’t it?  Hope you enjoy this tutorial, the holidays and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!


Traclyn Yeoh
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