March 2012 Hits & Misses

March passes in a blink of an eye, so quick that I almost have nothing to share for my hits and misses because I cut down a lot for my shopping since I spent a lot for the previous months. Some things are bought previously and there is some new found favourites too.

Malian Double Eyelid Sticker

I bought this from Chamelon for MYR6.90 when I run out of double eyelid sticker. I do have double eyelid but I wanted to make it deeper. The size of this sticker is 27mm x 2.5mm, which is the thinnest that I could find by width and thickness. Although it doesn’t adhere as great when it touches water, this is quite comfortable to wear on. It comes in 120 pieces in a box with a tiny tweezer.  The tweezer is very user friendly as it helps to pick up the sticker and works like the ‘Y’ fork that you usually get when purchasing double eyelid stickers. Worth trying!

Beauty Mate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion

My skin has changed from oily to combination skin and I figured to use this on my U-zone rather than sitting on my shelf not using it when I purchased it a few months back. The retail price was MYR30+ but I gotten 50% off because it was a new store opening promotion. It has a very light floral scent and the texture is very light too, like an emulsion. It doesn’t feel heavy or tacky after applying it . It doesn’t give much brightening function but it keeps my skin moisturised well. Its quite a bit bottle especially I only use one pump each use. Worth trying too!

Beauty Mate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Lotion

I bought this along with the lotion above at the same price and what is does is to suppress oxidation, even out skin tone and reverse the formation and accumulation of melanin. The big NO-NO for this product is it smelt like any typical sunblock! The texture is so thick and rich, it oils up my face like crazy! It says in the direction to use it in the morning and evening. I stopped using it on my face since its too heavy but now I make good use of it by applying it on my body. Using it on my body feels great. It doesn’t feel tacky on my skin and felt smooth, so imagine what could this be like for your face.

Niu Er Beauty Studio Book

Niu Er has been famous for his youthfulness at his 40s, his invention of products and amazing tips. I came across this book a while ago and was considering if I should get this. After giving another go by reading a little bit more of the content, I told myself I must get this. I bought this at MPH at Bangsar Village for MYR42 and I think its worth purchasing it because Niu Er shared so much tips on how to take care our skin and ways of doing it. What’s more in support of Niu Er, I’m using some of his products which is Naruko and I love them. I’m trusting his knowledge! Highly recommended!


What was your last month’s fav?


Traclyn Yeoh
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    • You can use it overall of your face but I chose to use it on U-zone because that zone of mine is dryer than the rest.

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