March 2013 Hits & Misses

I’m pretty late for finalizing the hits and misses of March 2013 because was some delays going on last week which had me not updating for a few days. I promise that this week will be loaded with updates daily again. I don’t really have a lot for March 2013 because basically, I have been using the same old things and nothing much of a new ones.

Essence Cosmetics Circus Circus - My Sparkling Acrobat

Essence Cosmetics Circus Circus – My Sparkling Acrobat

I discovered the new range from Essence Cosmetics which is Circus Circus and what attracted me the most is their nail polishes. They come with dual sided and those chunky glitters are beautiful! This is one of the shade that I have picked which is called My Sparkling Acrobat, where it comes with a black nail polish and the other is gold chunky glitters.  This was for MYR 13.90.

Essence Cosmetics Nail Colour 3 - Midnight Date

Essence Cosmetics Nail Colour 3 – Midnight Date

Along with the Circus Circus range, I saw this nail polish too. It also comes with two nail polish and look how beautiful the chunky glitter is!  Its blue and shines green.  I have also noticed that these nail polish dries pretty quick on my nails and did my Sparkling City That Never Sleeps nails using this and the My Sparking Acrobat.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eyebrow in 02

I love how easy to use this, the sponge applicator is soft against my skin. I don’t use it on my brows but to contour my nose and because it is so easy to use, I hardly miss this steps daily. I have sparse brows and I needed to use pencil to draw the shape of desired brows. I have a full review on this too.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream

Kiss Me Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream

I’m really fussy on BB creams and this goes on well for me as it is lightweight and helps to control oil sebum.  The texture is not creamy but not thick and the coverage is natural, almost like a tinted moisturizer. It doesn’t give me any white cast but it does oxidize.

USB Card Reader

USB Card Reader

This is one non-beauty related but it’s blogging related. Sometimes I do forgot to transfer photos into my thumb drive and I do bring my camera with me. Card reader like this comes in handy and I purchase this from Super Save for only MYR 4.90. Cheap and usable! Its really handy for me that I can transfer my photos to my thumb drive at any computer. I use SD card all the time but this card reader do come with many other card options.


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