Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner Violet Voltage Review


‘The new Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner is a modern day eye liner with an edge; incorporating the easy application of an eye pencil and the smooth and lasting effects of a liquid eye liner. You can effortlessly create any number of looks from the striking shades of Lilac, green, purple, silver, brown and black, whether you’re going for something simple, exaggerated or bold’.

This product was provided by Yuberactive and the shade is Violet Voltage.

It’s a double-ended pencil eye liner where it comes with smudger at the end of the liner. It looks pretty firm and soft when it comes in contact to my skin of my hand. I always love double-ended items!

Here’s a swatch for it and as you can see it doesn’t really create smooth line. If you look carefully, it’s quite uneven and patchy. However, Violet Voltage is quite a beautiful color. It’s deep purple shade with a wee it of red undertone and blue undertone.

I tried the eye liner with and without primer. Let’s see the difference.

Without Primer

The pencil eye liner was never too easy to glide like a liquid eye liner. Therefore, I had to use a couple of strokes to complete a line. Since the application can be uneven, it could create feathery stroke which I think not everyone wants to create. Wearing the liner alone doesn’t make it stay put as it prints on my eye lid. Probably if I set it with an eye shadow could probably help but that’s like double the work which doesn’t seem to fit the purpose. I reckon the smudger can be better as an eraser as I used it to clean up mistakes at the outer corner. It’s way too stiff to smudge around the eye area. The stiffness just going to tug around my eye area which may cause pre-mature aging. The shade doesn’t really show as much on eye, what more when I applied it on my waterline.

With Primer

Since the pencil eye liner doesn’t go too well without primer, I thought it was a genius idea to use a primer but it doesn’t make much difference either. It does glide slightly better than without primer. It still prints on my eye lid and I have to draw thicker line as the shade shows up lesser than without primer. The shade appear lighter and softer, you can see more of the purple.

This eyeliner will be available in Malaysia on July 2011 for MYR38 each.


  • Double-ended, multi-purpose
  • Beautiful shade of purple
  • More lighter purple shows up with primer


  • Doesn’t glide easily
  • Prints on eyelid
  • Creates uneven line
  • May create feathery stroke
  • Smudger too stiff for eye area
  • No liquid eye liner effect

My rating: 2/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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