May 2013 Hits & Misses

Feeling a little jet-lagged as I have just return from Bangkok on Tuesday. Although I was on holiday, I woke up early (as early as 6am) everyday on my trip to catch on as much places as I can and I had loads of fun going around. I think I got a little tanner travelling around too. Finally, now I’m back on track with blogging and just want to share a little of my hits and misses for May 2013. I missed the hits and misses for April 2013 but I promise I try to keep up with this.

SilkyGirl Drink Up Lip Balm

SilkyGirl Drink Up Lip Balms

Earlier when I was sent to review this lip balm, it was just the Coffee flavor and I love how delicious it smelt. Coincidentally, on that week after I reviewed it Guardian was having big sales and since I love green tea so much, I decided to grab the green tea flavour for only MYR 6.50 but my excitement stopped right there because the green tea scent was just bland, almost smelt like a plain lip balm. I have the full review on the Coffee flavoured, here.

Lunasol Bag

Lunasol Starter Kit 2012 Bag

Since I have been travelling quite a bit lately, this has been a great companion to store my make-up. If you would like to know about this kit, find out more here.  This is a must have for me when I’m travelling so that it keeps everything together in the bag and it is less messier that way. I have also included this in one of my post of Travel Light & Smart with Your Makeups. I’m not sure if this is still available over the counter but I highly recommend this if they still have it.

Philips  Blender HR-2061

Philips Blender HR-2061

If you follow me in Instagram, you’ll see me updating fresh blend of drinks almost everyday. I’m trying to keep healthy by having my fruits and vegetables every day for my breakfast if possible. Back in a few months ago, I was scouting the right blender to purchase and little did I know, my sister in law has extra blenders and spared me one of them. This is quite a powerful blender of 600 watts and it has 5 speed dials. I normally use at 1 because while it blends, I grabbed my cup or do some cleaning and I usually blend frozen fruit or vegetables. I recommend this blender if you’re looking for one because it’s strong and also has a food processor component.

Nn Chia Seed

Chia Seeds

Since I’m into all the healthy food right now, I’m crazy over chia seeds. They are quite limited in Kuala Lumpur and I purchase mine from Cosway. This was for MYR 38.00 for member’s price which is very affordable considering it weighs at 500 grams and only to consume one tablespoon each day. The reason why I take chia seeds is because its rich in antioxidant properties, rich in Omega-3 and helps to fight free radicals. It also helps to lower blood pressure but not that I have high blood pressure, in fact I think I’m low because every time I stood up, I tend to get that blackout feeling for mere seconds.

That’s all I have in May 2013. Not many beauty related products and included other things instead. I will collect what I have in mind for this month’s thoroughly. Any of these interest you?


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