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This sweet lady, Yasmin Hani, an actress, TV host, emcee and model has recently joined the Fabulous 7 by Bizzy Body.  Here’s a chance for me have a sweet sizzle chat with her and find out what she has to share with us.

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You are an actress and TV Host, you always have to look good and stay healthy. What are your fitness regime and secrets?

Basically there is no secret with me. I used to eat what I want until I hit 30 and noticed  some spaces on my body been used without my permission~ So I head to the gym frequently as well as yoga. I slowed  down on yoga for a bit now as I’m taking gym and classes. I intend to be active in yoga again.

Could you share with us your perspective on the Slimming industry?

It changed my perception of slimming programs. I used to be skeptical with slimming programs for I used to think exercising and dieting is the best solution. I always think that  people are lazy that is why they opt for slimming programs but when I hit the gym,  I noticed some areas are difficult to tone. However after the first trial, I noticed immediate results in just one session. Such programs does the job quicker and it has educated me a new perspective. Bizzy Body has helped me to achieve the body that I always wanted and I’m very happy with the results.

What was your Bizzy Body experience?

They interviewed me for my food intake and lifestyle.  The measurement of my body fat, height and every part of my body has been taken before the treatment. From the bottom of the ankle, they marked and measure everywhere! This shows that they are very thorough and confident in proving some results. Some people said that cellulite treatments are painful and I was scared but after I tried it, I think its bearable and fine. You know what, for the sake of beauty, no pain no gain! In the beginning, it was painful but I can say the pain in waxing is much greater.

Any particular treatments you enjoyed?

My first treatment was the RF (Reform Technology Treatment). After the first treatment, I immediately fell in love with it. I do enjoy it because I could feel it really working on me and I feel satisfied. If its comfortable and not working, I wouldn’t like it because it’s a waste of time. After a few sessions, I can see a more firm, slender and refined body.

Understand that you are also a satisfied customer of Facial First. What do you look for when you select your facial center?

I hardly care on my freckles because I want it to be there, just need to lessen it a little but the pores is very crucial. I’m carrying the skin, I look, touch and take care of it everyday. Its hard to control those expression lines as well especially around my eye  area when I smile sincerely and the lines just comes out. Facial First has presented a different concept compared to other facial centers. Unlike others, Facial First is the first to implement the wellness concept – where they not only take care of your skin inside out but also outside in approach. They also cater personalized treatment for each individual based on their skin problems.

Are you aware that Skin Nutrition uses 100% paraben-free product? Is safe cosmetics something you are concern with?

Oh yes, I was told that Skin Nutrition only uses safe skin care products before we undergo our treatment. I like that the product doesn’t contain ingredients or chemicals that is harmful to the skin and the results are amazing! I think they are taking one step further to make sure that everything is safe to have satisfied customers. I’m happy to hear this. Safe cosmetics is a concern for everyone  but for me it is important because as I aged, I need a skin care to maintain the wellness of my skin and also to fight against premature skin aging.

What do you think of Wyann’s initiative of Going Green?

I think it’s fantastic that they’re embarking on this CSR initiative. It’s the first time I believe a slimming brand has taken this amazing step to preserving the environment.


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She is such a lovely and friendly person, I’m really lucky to meet her! Hope you enjoy reading her take on these beauty treatments. Oh, she has something to say in regards to this campaign!

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