Mesmerizing Midnight Purple Nails

Christmas is coming soon, I thought this could come in handy for producing some nail ideas. I’m no professional in nail painting, I’m really bad at cleaning the sides of it where the nail polish touches my skin but I thought this could be a simple share. This idea came from the beautiful glitzy ball ornaments that we can find in Christmas trees. It can be in variety color such as red, blue, purple with fancy glitter designs. To create Mesmerizing Midnight Purple Nails is easy!

From left to right: The Face Shop Nail Base Coat (Pink), The Face Shop PP406, Missha OR102, The Face Shop Nail Top Coat

The steps are easy just go accordingly to how I placed the nail polish as shown above. Besides purple, you can go around with other shades just like the Christmas ball ornaments! Missha nail polish that I have used here is transparent orange with glitters. You want to select the glitters that shines the colors of green, blue, purple and silver. The Face Shop PP406 has silver glitters to it. You want to make sure the glitter colors varies to create iridescence effect for your nails.


What are your nail ideas for this Christmas? Please share with me on the comment section below.


Traclyn Yeoh
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