Midnight Affair Studded

This week’s nails is very edgy, dark, elegant and sexy. Its a simple design that anyone could do it. The combination with gradual gold dottings makes it look like studs and you know studs hasn’t got out of trend yet. Also, because I was eager to try this new nail polish that I have in hand. I haven’t tried the brand and I’m impressed with it.

Midnight Affair Studded - Revlon Nail Polish

The base color that I have used is Revlon nail polish in Midnight Affair. Very interesting name hence naming this nail design. Its a very dark blue shade and I have applied two  coats of it.

Midnight Affair Studded - Gold Artline Marker

Using Artline marker has ease the dotting progress because its a fine tip of 0.8 and its not functioning properly. The ink drips out when I shake it and I just dip the tip of this marker into the ink and start the gradual dotting. Light handedly create the gradual dotting. Alternatively, you can always use a dotting tool with metallic gold nail polish.

Midnight Affair Studded - Dotting Practice

Do practice to do the gradual dotting if you’re not familiar with it. Practice makes it perfect! Be sure to apply top coat after doing the dotting to protect the design. Any oil based substance can easily remove the marker dottings.

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