It Ain’t April Fool No-More!

Remember on the post of Wishlist Granted: Konad Stamping Nail Art? I was eager to try it and tried it with my Elianto and OPI nail polishes and it didn’t work. That’s fine. Since the items are from Etude House, I decided to pay a trip there wondering if they have nail polishes that works with Konad Stamping Nail Art since they manage to carry the product in. As I walk in with my other best friend, Ryn we were greeted with pleasing welcome. I was gazing on their nail polish until the sales assistant (SA) approached me if I needed any help. The conversation sounded like this:

Me: I want to know if you have the nail polish for the konad stamping?
SA: Hah?
Me: You know nail polish and stamping, using special nail polish? (speaking in Cantonese half way through)
SA: OOOOOOOoooo that one (sounded that she knew which one I meant confidently)

She showed me another sets of nail polishes that cost RM5.60 each. I was doubing on it…
SA: What color are you looking for?
Me: White. You sure this works?
SA: Yeah
Me: Don’t you need special nail polish for the stamping?
SA: Oh don’t need. This one works, its really thick and very good!

Ryn ask me what exactly I’m looking for and I told her what I wanted. She helped me on picking up the colors too.
Me: You sure this works? (not convinced yet)
SA: Yes!
Me: Okay, I’ll take this and this. (see? I trusted her and took two)

One dark pink and white. I was so happy and excitedly try it the moment I got back home. It didn’t work at all! What the ^&#$^*%&_#@#!!!!

I wish to return to them as I just tried on a drop or two of the nail polish but I realize their receipt…

Stated that it’s not refundable and exchangeable! This is so sickening. Thank god the shades are beautiful. Now, I’ll take it as a normal nail polish.

The moral of the story? Don’t simply trust SA at all. Do more research, ask around and your instincts can be right!

Have anything like this happen to you? Share it with me please?

p/s This Etude House outlet is in Times Square

I’m taking my word back, please refer to Everyone Can Konad Stamp!
Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. girl the konad nailpolishes cost AT LEAST rm 10 for a 5ml bottle.
    dont buy thick one. its suppose to be thinner.
    the bottle has the word KONAD i think.
    and i suggest you just change it.
    cause its their mistake.

  2. I once brought a bracelet from a stand in the mall but the links were coming apart & I went to the shop to get a refund but she said I couldnt get it because it’s on the reciept so when I asked for my $20 deposit back for a necklace I wanted (& didnt want anything else of theirs) she tried to be cute & say I couldnt get my money back but I could buy something else with it. So I got my mom to come too & I manage to get something cheap. Becareful buying jewelry. People make crap ass rules to suck in your money.

    Another one would be when I brought a lip make up that didnt work & I tried to exchange it & the lady told me they dont exchange make up & said it was on my receipt & it WASNT so she argues with me that because I brought other things, it didnt print on there. So I said nicely well since it made an error, can she make an acception & I’ll follow the rule after because clearly it wasnt there so I was right by default, so she exchanged it for me. They need to correct that on their registers.

    I work in retail & I believe in customer service to a degree but sometimes salespeople arnt honest either. The receipt for your polish doesnt say non-exchangeable so I would go back & haggle a bit. 😉


  3. gahhh, that’s annoying.  it’s happened to me a FEW times, and each time, i get more and more upset and irate.  at least, like you said, they’re really beautiful colors.

    couldn’t help but read a few posts down … are you an April 7th baby?  if so, we have something in common!


  4. doubt they will change it for u. but i think i told u u can get konad polish in One-U In-Q-Box right? it happened to me too with the SA in etude house in pyramid, thank god i didnt buy it at all. hehehe 

  5. @kcyans – Oh, I didn’t notice that at all. Thanks a lot for saying it. Now I have something to laugh at them. HAHAHAHA!

    @LyNn – I’m aware of the pricing of Konad. Elianto’s nail polish is thin but it didn’t work. I’m sure they’ll make a lot of reason not to change it.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Such great thing that you able to haggle your rights. If you look again at the receipt non-exchangeable is included.

    @WhyHiTy – Yes yes it’s really annoying!!! Yeah I’m a 7th April baby, are you the same? How coincidence!

    @prettybeautiful – Yeah, I’m thinking the same. They’ll reason with all their might. You did tell me about where to get them, but I was impatient and yeah, this is what I get for it. I hardly go to damansara area~

  6. Sigh, yet another incompetent sales person. The thing is, it’s all right if you don’t know what a certain thing is for, but to lie about it to customers just insults the customers’ intelligence.

    As for me, even though the receipt would say that the item is not refundable or exchangeable, I’d still bring it back to see if I can dispute the issue. More often than not, if you’re nice about it, they’ll let you exchange it for something else.

  7. I went to that Etude house when I was visiting KL..The sales girl has lack of knowledge. When I ask her something about the product she doesn’t know how to answer and keep saying is good for you…hahaha…crap!

    About the nail polish…try to add “thinner” to the thick nail polish and hope it works and not waste the nail polish. I use LA Girl nail polish which happen to be liquid-y (I know is not even a word, lols) and it works for stamping, again my stamping tools are not konad (but konad replica ;p)

  8. @Vonnie – Yeah, I agree! They should really go for training to know more on their own products. The nail polish is not thick but it’s still runny for doing Konad. There’s no LA Girl products here, so sad! Or else I can use them.

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