My Destination to Melbourne

On the 25th July 2007, it is the day I flew to Melbourne. I have packed my luggage on that day itself and have managed to do some shopping on the same day. It was 4:30 pm, I have not bathe and the luggage is still not ready. Urgh! At this moment I felt like the time passes so fast and I was like ‘Wait for me!’ By 5:30 pm, I have finished packing my luggage. It looked so bloated as if it could burst anytime. Time is still ticking and its showing 6:00 pm. Okay this time I’m ready to take off and ready to go.


This is my air ticket to Melbourne

It was drizzling outside since 4:00pm. It rained heavily when my parents and I stepped out of the house. It seems like it doesn’t want me to go from where I belong. The day seems moody and it’s raining like cats and dogs. How ironic! My dad has to carry my luggage to the car while my mum shades him from the harsh rain drops. The luggage is unbelievably heavy. Okay, now all of us are in the car and we are taking off to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). My flight is at 9:30pm and I have to check in at least two hours before flight. Since we are in a hurry, my dad chose to use the Smart Tunnel which claimed to have quick access to several places. I was feeling nervous and have the urge to vomit. In the tunnel, I have remembered I left something. Shit! It’s my dollars cash that I kept it in my drawer. I felt so guilty and sorry that I have to ask my dad to turn back from Petaling Jaya and head back near my house. My mum hopped off from the vehicle and gets her way to get my cash. I have volunteered myself to get the cash but she insisted to take it for me.

Okay, this time is for real. We are heading to the airport. On the way, I have reported my status to Jowie. We tried contacting Melissa but couldn’t get her. She is making us all worried! I was afraid it was not a good sign. Thankfully, she called me when I’m still on my way. She told me that she had another cell phone number and reached the airport safely. I told her that I’m on my way and Jowie is in the airport. I felt jittery as we reached the airport at 7:30 pm. Later, found Jowie and Melissa together. How nice of them that they have waited for me to check in together. I’m worrying that my luggage is overweight because we are only allowed to carry 25kg weigh of belongings. We went to check in, seems like Melissa and my luggage is overweight. Our luggage reaches almost 30kg each! No wonder I couldn’t even lift it. There Jowie and his father settle on the luggage and they have to take back some of their things, for example the great box filled with food. After the check in was settled, all of us went to Mc Donald’s for a grab of food.

Time really passed that quickly, Jowie, Melissa and I have to go boarding. This is another session I didn’t like. My mum was all worried and tends to get a little emotional. I try to keep myself happy and comfort my mum. She cried. I felt guilty as it is because I have made her cried many times since I went to Kuching. We went off, waving happily as if we are going for some important mission. This is it, all of us are going to Melbourne for studies. Before we head straight into the plane, we had to go through the custom check. Jowie and I were clean, our belonging is safe with us but Melissa’s toothpaste was taken away because the amount has exceeded from what is permitted. Pity her that she had many of her things held back with Jowie’s parent and now the toothpaste.

After all the fuss, finally we’ve got ourselves into the plane. We have found our seats and it was quite narrow one. There is nothing more we could expect since we took the economy class seats. The flight was tiring and all of us couldn’t sleep in our seats. It was so uncomfortable although there is a pillow and blanket provided in each seat. My condition was worse, I had a gastric although food was served and tummy aches. It was horrible and embarrassing. We have touched down on at Australia time, 7:30 am. Yet another round we had to go through the custom here. It was tiring and the experience was ugly. If I were to mention it here, the story will definitely be lengthier. We had an airport service pick up to send us to Swinburne University. It took us 20 minutes to reach and we are all tired and exhausted. I think that’s all for now.

DSC00011 DSC00010

This is tired Jowie. The pictures look similar. SPOT the difference!


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