Orientation Day

Orientation is one of those lame and boring event when I’m in Malaysia but its totally different here. It could be boring when it comes to talk but their activities are fun! They have free lunches and live bands. Free lunches such as baked potatoes, hot jam doughnut, pizzas, sushis and some free drinks of Red Bull and V Good. There is also Scavenger Hunt where you run around the campus. FIY: the campus is huge.

For attending every activity, we are entitled to have a wrist band which allows us to get a free drink at the Glenferrie Hotel. At first, I thought it would be another boring session, where everyone sits down with their tea or coffee. To my surprise when I went to the free drink session at the end of the day, they are giving free drinks of basic spirits, Cruisers, wine, champagne and many other beers. It was delicious! Other than that the waiter gave a plate of chips with sauce for each table.


On the last day of orientation, the university has invited more live bands and dance academy to show off their talents. At the same time, they are also promoting their academy. It was fun and many enjoyed. Look at the clip, the newcomers’ even dance along! Sorry the video resolution is not that good, I was using my phone to record it.

Naughty me, I took the balloons from there and decorated my room. Sadly, the balloons shrink the next day

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Traclyn Yeoh
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