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Hey, it’s Shout magazine update again. With this issue, they are giving out high drama liquid liner and pencil. They look really pretty with the zebra stripes on the packaging. Both liners are in black. and the front cover girl is Taylor Swift, love her .

Anyways, not much updates from me lately. I’m really sorry. I was worried about my skin condition because it has changed drastically. It became dry, rough, itchy and flaky, makeups that used to be oily for me is no longer oily even my T-zone area. It absorb into my skin nicely with no shine at all but I was avoiding applying makeup lately. I went to the Estee Lauder counter the other day before this skin condition is getting worse and my skin is dehydrated, maybe that’s the factor my skin resulting in this. The itch is just horrible. I have not change my skincare regime still and planning to go on hydrating and anti-aging skincare. So people, take a pre-caution step when your skin start to change. Don’t be like me. Take care of your skin alright?

Hope everyone is doing well with their daily lifes.

It’s Malaysia’s National Day today!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Aww, I’m so sorry about your skin sweety! You should try doing a honey mask. I had some dry areas on my face and all I did was dilute raw honey with some water and applied it as a moisture mask for 10-15 mins. It worked pretty well. I hope your skin turns out for the better! The eyeliner looks really pretty.

  2. HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!! What do you do on that Holiday? sorry I dont know, I just heard about it from you. lol

    The seasons are gonna change soon too, could that be it? My skin was always a bit drier come fall & winter but I heard skin changes as you age too but not that fast…Hmmm…I would see a dermatologist since I’m no expert. I’m going to live it up while I just wash, moisturize & use eye cream. Once I reach the point where hope is not enough & I need day serum, night serum, wrinkle cream & moisturizer that looks like wall paper paste, I’ll cry. LMAO.


    P.S: You latest DIY vid is awesome! I left an infinitely long comment on it!! =D

  3. hey hun.
    hope your skin will get better soon.
    its probably the climate.
    my skin has double its oil content on oily area
    and i had flacky skin on my cheekbones!

    btw, those shout mag products look pretty 🙂
    i wonder if its manufactured by the mag or by some other sponsers 😛
    swatches? 🙂

  4. @Dee – Thanks dear. What’s the ratio like for the honey and water? I felt like just sweeping a big dallop of it. They are really pretty isn’t it???

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, for many Malaysians I think they do almost nothing. LOL! Some would go out and wait for the countdown during the eve for fireworks but this year in the city the major places with events shut down the program due to AH1N1. Malaysia is always hot and humid throughout the year and there’s four seasons at all. How I wish there is. When I was in Australia, this never occur to me and this is pretty bad to me. For acne and extremely oily skin like me go totally dry, flakey, red and itchy in just four days is too drastic and gets worse everyday.

    I’ve got the comment dear. Thanks so much! Oh, thanks for the link too and they are quite pricey to me too and some of their beauty products is a rip-off because I could get it so much cheaper here. The clothings here is much cheaper unless you’re considering branded and designers. If you ever come here to shop, just bring an empty luggage.

    @Got_Takoyaki – Thank you dear. I really have no idea what happened to my skin. The skincare regime that I’m following right now is just like how it was for pass few months and never had any problem at all. Thanks for the concern.

    @Lisa –  Thanks for the tips. I’m not sure if I’m drinking enough water. I usually drink like almost 3-4 bottles of water a day. My water bottle could fill up to 1.2 or 1.5 liter. Drinking like a fish though >.<

    @LyNn – Thank you dear. My skin had never become like this and it change till this bad within four days. Too drastic to me and I have acne and extremely oily skin.  I’m grateful that it didn’t turn out that oily anymore (the oil is just never comes out now, even if I sweat is too minimal) but the itchyness, red, flakey  is too much and I can even feel my cheeks are very warm at times.

    They do look pretty isn’t it? This set of liner is supplied by Geevax Ltd.. Maybe it’s like just supplying for Shout? Not too sure if they are sponsored. I prefer them to be sponsored by more well-known cosmetic brands though.

  5. Depends on you like the consistency. I don’t like to be too watery. So I guess you can do a 2-1 ratio? It helped my dry skin a lot. I left it on for about 10 mins or so. Yes, indeed its pretty! Makes me want to do the designs on my eyes, lol.

  6. hi! I also see a slight change on my skin condition. It become dryer than usual. I’m entering my 25 and maybe it’s a first sign of aging. You’re right! I will give more attention to take care of my skin 🙂

  7. @Dee – You can try that makeup definitely! Oh I don’t like my mask being runny too. I’ll give it a try. I once did for my bestie honey and milk, she said its really good. Thanks for the idea!

    @mapple – Many skin condition is changing and I find mine is too drastic. I still have slight itch, dry and peeling. I’m going to start my anti-aging no matter what. Yeah, take well care of your skin okays? Don’t be like me~

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